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It’s been a while since this man left you. The man you thought was your soulmate and a partner for eternity.

The man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with and the man you were convinced he would never leave you as he did.

It’s been a while since the man you loved more than anything else has left you. A while since you felt lost, desperate and downcast.

A while since you’ve been stuck in one place, hoping to move forward.

When you think about it, you remember how you loved that man. You remember how you fell in love with him and how he became the center of your universe over time.

But you can not find the right way to get over him.

No matter how you try it, you can not forget it, and despite all your efforts, you can not figure out how to get rid of it.

Well, let me tell you one thing – even if you do not believe me now, you will heal, and you will feel better.

You will sooner or later stop loving him and you will leave him in the past, right where he belongs. You will stop loving this man exactly as you started.

But it will not happen overnight. It is a process that requires time and effort.

First, you will be mad at him. You’ll be angry at everything he did to you.

How could he destroy all the dreams that you have built together? How could he break your heart without batting an eyelid?

Then you will be angry with yourself. How could you be so stupid as to believe him? How come that you did not see his true face in time?

How can you spend a life with a man who obviously never loved you enough?

After that, when you get rid of the anger, the sadness will come. You will only think of all those beautiful memories, and if you remember them, you will want to have that guy back in your life.

In that moment, you’ll feel lonely because you’ve gotten used to always having him by your side. You will be convinced that you will spend the rest of your life crying for this man.

And when you finally reach the bottom, there will be no other way than to go up.

What you will not know is that, while all this was happening, you were actually on the way to no longer love this man.

You will not realize that you have already started your journey, letting go of it, and that these were all the phases of your healing process.

And then, one morning, suddenly he will not be the first thing that comes to mind. You will catch yourself smiling for no reason, and you will not hear his voice in the back of your mind.

Suddenly you’ll catch yourself not thinking about him every day. You will see that your heart has buried it and that it has become nothing but a distant memory.

One day, you will not be afraid to go through life alone, because you will see that you have done very well without him.

You will not miss him, and you will not feel incomplete on your own.

Suddenly you will start to enjoy your single life. You will begin to treat yourself as you have spoiled him.


You’ll start loving yourself more than you’ve ever loved this guy.

When that happens, you will be more fulfilled than ever. You will finally see what a strong woman you are. You will see that your value has nothing to do with whether this man loves you or not.

You will remember that you existed before entering your life, and that his departure did not destroy you or change the essence of your being.

And just so you will not love him once you start to really love yourself.

The moment you realize that you have always been more important than this man is the moment when you will stop idealizing him and you will see that he has never earned you.

The moment in which you understand that the guy who left you was actually the best thing that could ever happen; the moment when you stop waiting for graduation and when you realize that you are not meant to be.

Instead, you will see it as a lesson, as a healed scar, and as a vague reminder of past times.No, you will not forget that this man has ever existed in your life.

But that does not mean that you will be haunted by the memory of him, because the moment you stop loving him is the moment when you will not feel his absence.

The moment when you will not feel this emptiness in your heart and the moment when you will not yearn for it anymore.

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