Here My child marries: Mom, that will be awesome!

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Here My child marries: Mom, that will be awesome!

She remembers: There used to be less pomp.

When the children marry, they are only too happy to plan a splendid spectacle. Its costs bring even generous bride parents violent atrial fibrillation,

Earlier: wedding motto – less is more

“Do not be serious, Mama,” my daughter shouted when I recently told her about my wedding 32 years ago. June 5, 1986, registry office in Alton a . The bride dressed up in old pink linen costume, the groom in jeans. The registrar murmured something of light and shadow, then we went with the witnesses to the Greeks around the corner. When we got home in the evening, our toilet was blocked. Probably in protest.

I chuckled while reminiscing that my daughter was stunned. No celebration , no wedding dress? “Why did you even marry?”, She wanted to know. “Because of the tax,” I remembered, noticing how dull and dated it sounded. But we, the baby boomers, are not romantics. In white, until death separates us? A joke because in Germany about 400 000 couples marry every year, but 40 percent fail again. If anything marriage, then we found then, but rather a wild.

“Put on a savings account for my wedding,” my daughter said sunny, “under 30 000 there is nothing running … Little joke mom”

What at the time was a manageable celebration with friends and family, is today at least an event with 80 to 100 guests. Just like Halloween, the mega wedding wave from America swirled over to us, at least since Kate Moss 2011 gave the musician Jamie Wince the word. Kate in a touch of chiffon and peacock feathers, surrounded by a crowd of children in ruffled dresses. Duration: three days and nights, costs: six digits. Divorce: four years later.

Here My child marries: Mom, that will be awesome!

Nowadays: wedding motto – less is not!

“Put on a savings account for my wedding,” says my daughter sunny, “under 30 000 euros is nothing running there … Just kidding, mom.” Somehow I can not laugh about that. Of course we have to in case of emergency, which can occur at any time, because she is happily married and exactly at the age where it becomes biologically serious, not pay everything. But with a generous participation is expected. My second child is a son. I hope he does not marry a Nepalese like the son of a friend. She was, as is customary in Nepal, showered her daughter-in-law with real gold. An old custom to provide financial security in the event of divorce.

“How much?” I ask a colleague whose son has just married in Ibiza . 120 guests, the pastor, a friend of the family, was flown in and spoke the blessing on the beach. After that, the bride had wished “something simple by the sea”. Who knows, knows: In Ibiza even the pee is expensive. “45 000 euros,” he sighs, “that’s what I take away from his inheritance.

Here My child marries: Mom, that will be awesome!

the organization, the huge expectation that the wedding must be the most beautiful day of life, triggering a moderate heart attack with me. Because my laser-fare (“Just invite everyone to a cozy country house”) and their claim to perfection (“stretch limo, styling of the Pro, three locations for hen party, wedding reception, brunch the next day”) fit together as harmoniously as Israel and Palestine.

Recently I have felt how my daughter imagines her wedding. I was dizzy: opera singer in church, hen party in Venice in a party boat with two sharp skippers and champagne full. Invitation cards featuring the bride and groom’s bank details because gifts are out. Dress code either Smart Casual or Black Tie. I can not wait any longer. My old pink linen costume, worn for the last time 32 years ago, even fits.

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