Here find out if your ex-boyfriend still loves you

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There are many different signs that you can look for to see if your ex still loves you.

What signs are you asking yourself?

This page focuses on each of these signs and shows you what to do if you want to get your ex-boyfriend back.

I would be an idiot if I did not say at first that this is not an exact science …

What we mean by that is that we are dealing with a male being in this project, which may make things a bit … unpredictable.

Thus, there may be cases where your ex meets several of these signs and yet is no longer interested in you.

But first, do not worry, because everything mentioned on this page has been thoroughly tested and is a compilation of advice and tips from the best relationship experts.

While I can not guarantee anything, I think you can safely assume that your ex is still interested in you if he meets the following requirements.

Two things you have to do first of all

Before we can get into the subject and clarify whether your ex still loves you, two preparations must be made. The first is relatively simple, the second … not so much.

  1. I want you to take some time and think about whether there’s a good reason you want your ex-boyfriend back. In general, couples who reunite after a break tend to have good reasons for doing so. And I think it’s important to mention that couples who have come together again for good reasons stay together longer! Still confused? Do not you have to. I have written a long post about the definition of a good justification and even give you some examples here.
  2. Next you need to apply the no-contact rule. Experts agree: to put you in a good position and win back your ex, you have to stay away from him for at least a month. Do not underestimate it, because it will be one of the hardest tasks you will ever face. There will be a constant desire to call or write to him. But no matter what happens, make sure you DO NOT.

(If you need more help with these two things, you can find them here.)

You wonder what all this has to do with how you find out if your ex still loves you? I assure you, it is very important.

The signs that your ex-boyfriend still likes you

So, no matter who broke up with who, how bad the separation was or how much you think he would hate you – let me assure you …

He thinks of you …

Did you know that 81% of people still think too much about their ex?

Worse, even 90% of Facebook users still look for their ex. So I think that with a high degree of probability, you are still haunting your ex’s head.

The more important question is whether he thinks of you positively or negatively. At least that’s what you should think about. Of course, you want him to have very positive thoughts about you, because it makes it easier to get together. Even if your ex thinks you are the antichrist, there are ways to change your mind about yourself. In addition, both parties are angry after a break, so that generally not much good karma is in the air, right?

Right now, the no-contact rule comes into play. I can more or less guarantee that your ex will not even have a single positive thought about you a few days after the breakup (especially if YOU broke up with him). By introducing the no-contact rule, you accomplish two things:

  1. First, you give him and you time to come to your senses.
  2. Second, he’ll wonder why you did not try to call him or write to him to find out how he’s doing (because he thinks it’s up to you to do that).

What leads us to the first sign …

Signs 1 – If he calls you or writes you

We already know that he thinks of you, but if he takes the time to write or call you, you should be lucky, because it means you are definitely interested in yourself.

Now I will not sit here and tell you that everything is over, you can run into his arms and everything is in butter. To be honest, his message does not automatically mean he wants you back, but it’s a really good sign.

By following the KK (no-contact) rule, you increase the chances that he or she will contact you in any way. The only thing is that you can not answer him, as I explain in detail in my book “Ex-Friend Recovery PRO” .

Sign 2 – Does he keep an eye on you?

Since you should avoid your ex both physically and mentally for at least 30 days, there are cases where this is simply not possible. If your ex constantly shows up in places you visit on a regular basis, that’s a clear indication that he still has feelings for you.

But I have to say that sometimes it’s just a coincidence that you meet.

However, if you notice that he is “near you” at least three times, that is a clear pattern.


Signs 3 – Do you get a reaction?

As you know, I insist on the KK rule. Still, I’m not naive. I know how relationships work and I know that the majority of women reading this will not be able to survive the 30 days.

In the event that you can not make it, one of the best ways to find out if he still has deep feelings for you is to watch him respond to seeing you. This can be a bit tricky at times, but I’ll give you some things to watch out for.

  • Does his face start to shine?
  • Does he secretly look over at you when he thinks you are not watching?
  • If he speaks very hastily, that is also a good sign.
  • If he looks you in the eye for a long time, that’s also a good indicator.

Signs 4 – Does he keep contact with friends and family?

Ex-partners who are interested in getting back together usually maintain contact with friends and family. Especially, this sign will come to fruition during your no-contact phase.

If you do not respond to his calls, he will ask friends and family about your health. If you want him back, that’s a very good sign.

Of course, there are cases where an ex only maintains contact to annoy you, but these cases are usually obvious.

Sign 5 – Touch

Maybe it will scratch my masculinity, but my favorite movie is Hitch – the Doctor (with Will Smith). There is a scene at the beginning of the film in which Hitch shows that a woman often touches the man when she is interested in him.

Well, the same goes for men.

If you hit your ex and he’s in some kind of physical contact, like touching your arm, knee or leg, that’s a good sign.

What to do if you find out that he still loves you or likes you

So he showed some of the above signs, yes?

Then you have to make a decision now.

Do you want to try again with him or rather re-orientate yourself? Since this site is for women only who want to reclaim their ex, I can assure you that the abundance of will blow you away.

That’s why I strongly recommend that you test my promising “Ex-Friend Recovery PRO” system. This is a step-by-step guide to recovering the heart of your ex.

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