Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 

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Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 
This really helps against pimples and blackheads To Cause Your Skin with Acne Problems.

Pimples, blackheads, inflammations – when are we talking about blemished skin and acne? 

Impure Skin – When is Acne?

We speak of acne when it really concerns diseases of the sebaceous gland apparatus and the hair follicles, which first produce non-inflammatory blackheads (comedowns), but in the later stages can also cause inflammations such as pa pules, pustules and nodules.

Studies show that 70 to 95 percent of all adolescents suffer from it, especially the face and the back are affected. The disease has its maximum at the age of 15 to 18 years . In the majority of cases, a spontaneous regression occurs after puberty, of which 2 to 7 percent with considerable scarring, which is particularly noticeable in the area of ​​the cheeks.

In 10 percent of cases, acne persists beyond the age of 25. 10 to 30 percent of those affected actually need a drug therapy.

Those who suffer from acne should definitely:

  • Consult the dermatologist, he can set up a treatment plan and, depending on the severity, combine different methods
  • make a hormone level with the gynecologist, also the function of the thyroid gland should be checked once
  • Pay attention to the diet, because there are foods that are suspected of producing skin blemishes. Sugar, carbohydrates and milk are such candidates.
  • Examine his skincare rituals carefully. What is inside the many products that are in our bathroom? Are triggers for dimpling in the creams, lotions, and make-up products in it?
  • Keep your hands off your face. Because bacteria stick to them, which can actually bring a sensitive facial skin out of balance. Mobile phones and telephone receivers should also be cleaned regularly, because with frequent use they also become small germicides.

Skin care for acne

Gentle care with reduced ingredients is very important, especially if the skin suffers not only from skin blemishes, but also from inflammation. 

Care products should be oil-free, contain no preservatives and, of course, soothing ingredients such as chamomile, aloe Vera, turmeric, calendula or witch hazel. Instead of using greasy creams, use fluid or gel.  Even the dermatologist can prescribe special acne creams. Once a week, a steam room does well to open the pores.

Alleviate acne with tea tree oil and marigolds

If you like, add a handful of dried chamomile or marigold blossoms , they will soothe the skin at the same time. A healing clay mask can soothe inflamed skin twice a week.

When using tea tree oil, however, acne patients should be careful: who doses too generously, can provoke a contact allergy. Also pay attention to the durability (maximum 6 months) and quality of the oil.

Be careful with a homemade peeling against blemishes – the mechanical friction is too strong by larger particles, the skin condition worsens. At home, prefer to use gentle enzyme scrubs.

Important: Do not use any aggressive cosmetics, as the skin should not be irritated additionally. Use gentle care products designed for problem skin, and make sure makeup products are not irritating. At the exact check, the Code check platform  or the Tox fox app, which examined and evaluated the ingredients of several thousand cosmetic products, will help .

Home remedies that help against blemishes and pimples

Can I do anything myself to relieve my pimples and the resulting inflammation of the skin? Yes, because many home remedies have a beneficial effect on the skin, but should probably be applied in doses. Too much irritates the skin and causes the opposite in doubt.


  • Well, irritated skin do envelopes with healing clay, green or black tea, diluted apple cider vinegar . For dabbing individual pustules is also tea tree oil .
  • Incorporate more vitamin A and zinc containing foods into your daily routine to reduce the development of new pimples. Put green foods on the menu and minimize sugar, alcohol and coffee . Dairy products are also suspected of causing skin blemishes. Especially a special type of milk should be responsible for pimples . Many dermatologists therefore recommend to try once, whether the waiver of dairy products helps. We have nutrition tips for you and recommend 20 foods for beautiful skin and shiny hair .
  • What spices help against pimples, and how you can use them for scrubs and masks, we tell you in our article “These three spices help against pimples “.

Acne in the different ages

Neonatal acne

Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 

Yes, even babies can have pimples. Newborn acne even occurs quite often. It usually begins around the third week of life and remains until the baby is almost half a year old. Small red pustules on the cheeks and nose, sometimes with yellowish nodules in the middle.

Reason: Missing the maternal hormones that are in the womb via the placenta into the bloodstream of the baby. After birth, this hormone exchange between mother and child is missing.

The result: The hormone level suddenly drops and it reacts to the skin of your baby with pimples. But as the pimples disappear after a few weeks, mothers do not need to specially treat the baby’s skin.

Acne in puberty

Oh yes, puberty – a time that is called pure hormone chaos. And exactly the time when you definitely want to leave the house spotless on the first date. In this very special growth phase, boys are more frequently affected than girls, and women over 20 years old are the most affected.

What’s going on in the body? The sebaceous glands are controlled by hormones, among others. During puberty, the body produces more androgen that boost sebaceous gland production. The skin becomes greasier, begins to shine and pores begin to clog. Blackheads develop, we discover black spots on our skin. The pore closes the pore like a cork, the cells underneath continue to produce sebum and pores form through a bacterium that acts on the skin.

Beware of acne treatment! In most cases, it is precisely the adolescents’ desire to let pimples disappear as quickly as possible through skin treatment. They often resort to aggressive pimple creams, washing lotions and high-coverage make-up, but this can aggravate the condition of the skin. However, as you can make pimples less visible, we’ll tell you in our video tutorial ” Covering Pimples “.

It is, of course, right to cleanse and condition the skin with antiseptic, skin-friendly products that reduce sebum production. In severe cases, vitamin A supplements or antibiotics can help curb severe acne. Both active ingredients can be presented both in cream and in tablet form. Gynecologists have prescribed hormone supplements like the birth control pill for many years. Whether this is the appropriate way to deal with acne at puberty, of course, everyone must decide for themselves.

Acne in adulthood

Acne Tardy, the adult acne, is also determined by a hormonal imbalance. If the body produces too many male hormones, the sebaceous glands clogged. In women, the causes are often due to the cycle or pregnancy.But even the menopause or if you drop the pill can trigger the acne.

But certain medications can also promote the development of acne, for example, antidepressants. We’ll explain how you can get Starkness under control. Those who are particularly bothered by the pimples on their backs are told here what they can do about ” B acne “, the persistent pimples on the back. Many also suffer from acne, especially in winter, which in turn has other causes than hormonal acne. We reveal what you can do specifically against winter acne.

With acne, pimples and blackheads to beautician?

Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 

Regular visits to a beautician can be quite successful in the acne treatments – the thorough cleansing of the skin promises especially in the long term improvement. Depending on their severity, they can, for example, remove the upper skin layer with a fruit acid peeling and thus reopen the pores. Even facial steam baths or compresses do well to inflamed skin.

Expressing pimples yourself is a bad idea as inflammation can be provoked and scars can develop . If you can not keep your fingers off a pus, you should stick to our tips on pimples .

Even tools for self-expression like a come done squeezer, must be used carefully. This definitely belongs in the hands of professionals. You can use sterile disposable needles to open and express the come domes. The treatment can also be effective with a Skin Scrubber , a professional tool that can remove dead skin cells with ultrasound. Especially deeper skin layers are cleaned in this way. Soothing agents can then better penetrate the skin.

Cosmetic Causes of Acne – Stewardess Disease or Periodical Dermatitis


Too much skin care can trigger a type of acne, called periodical dermatitis, also called stewardess acne or oral rose. The characteristic tiny nodules sometimes connect to larger areas and form limited, slightly raised skin spots (plaques).

Classically, they occur around the mouth and nose. About two millimeters large, reddish pa pules or pustules (pus) are formed on the affected house cells . The rash is associated with a burning, tense feeling and itching. Causes can be stress, gastrointestinal diseases, yeasts – but also the combination of many skin care products on whose substances the skin reacts. The dermatologist then recommends the total abstinence of cosmetic products up to six months, depending on their severity. You should clean the face then only with lukewarm water.

Acne scars – what can you do about it?

Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 

The skin regenerates by itself, but that only creates it to a certain extent. The deeper the injuries and inflammations in the skin and the older the skin, the worse the wound healing. Acne scars, which are initially deep red and dark, are getting brighter over time, but they never disappear by themselves.

It is important to never express pimples with your fingers, the risk of scarring is just too great. A scar cream can only relieve very superficial injuries in the skin..  it does not penetrate so deep into the skin layers.

Chemical peels can also help to make the skin look more evenly.

Acne treatment by the dermatologist – the new peels

Medically one can do a lot with strong scars – also beside the laser therapy . Today, dermatologists use a form of therapy called phenol peeling against deep scar tissue , which however is very painful and lengthy in the healing process. The costs (about 8000 euros) must be borne by the patient himself.

A peeling with phenol is the strongest of all chemical peels and causes a very deep peeling of the skin, down to the deeper connective tissue. Since a phenol peeling is very painful, we recommend during treatment anesthesia in drowsy anesthesia. The healing process of the skin lasts at least 6 weeks. The success of the method, however, are considerable.

Acne In versa – a special case

Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 

In  acne in versa  (tendinitis suppurate), abscesses and fistulas occur repeatedly in the areas of the skin folds – ie in the armpits, in the pubic and groin area, under the breasts. In abscesses, the affected tissue swells and fills with pus, which can often be very painful. Fistulas are then the passages that the body creates so that the secretion can flow outwards. The skin areas wet, they can inflame and then often form small scars.

It is estimated that there are at least 800,000 Acne In versa patients in Germany , the disease usually begins with adulthood and affects more women than men. There are three degrees of acne inverse, called Hurley stages. The suffering from the disease is enormous, because it is considered incurable and can only be relieved by using special therapeutic methods in dermatology clinics.

For those affected, there are self-help groups in all German states, for example, on the website  acne-investigator .

Mentally suffering from acne

Here Finally Pure Skin Without Acne ! 

Acne is not just a problem that affects blackheads, pimples, congested sebaceous glands and our entire complexion, acne also affects our self-esteem. A market research study has shown that 82% of women surveyed who suffer from acne say skin problems have a negative effect on their self-esteem.

Patients who have been suffering from acne for a long time and their long-term consequences, such as severe facial scars, often want psychological support in addition to medical help. Various self-help groups, especially for patients with Acne In versa, can be found on the Internet, but also dermatology departments and university clinics offer advice in some cities.

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