Here Enjoy The Moments With Humor Or Laugh together Is Very Important

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Love is the answer to all questions? 

Who likes to live in a Humor-free zone? 

 Not quite.
She also poses quite a lot. 
Psychologist and couple therapist Layla Watson answers them all. 

In short:

It is better. Now in detail: “It is the simplest and most unclouded joy in the world to make someone laugh that means something to us,” writes the English author Matt Haig.

                     Humor is one of the skills that distinguishes us humans. 

Good Humor is creative, releases tensions, turns real life upside down and frees us for moments of fears, doubts and prohibitions. 

Creativity, self-opening.

It enhances our communication, which is why every reasonably good speaker makes a funny remark somewhere. 


                         If we can laugh about ourselves, it’s a sign of psychic maturity. 


Taking difficult situations with Humor- that’s how crises can be overcome 


But it is not that simple. Because as soon as the love crisis, the laughter goes by. 

“He who loves himself teases” – that means first and foremost that we have to be familiar and secure enough to make fun of one another and his quirks. 

If so, we can express difficult or critical things without being hurtful. 


Our partner can take it “With Humor,” only let it go as far as it does not hurt him.


When fun becomes serious – when is Humor no longer appropriate? 

But what is “just fun” and where it gets serious, just separates a fine line. When we treat each other with irritation, witty remarks do not create a loving feel-good space any more, just the feeling of not being taken seriously. 

Accordingly, Found as Naturally couples are way more happier, in which the partners refrain from aggressive humor and avoiding humor in conflicts: with aggressive Humor is the sarcastic criticism of the partner meant, with avoiding Humor, that is changed with a witty remark meant the subject.

We do not necessarily have to find the exact same thing funny, investigations have shown. But the relationship satisfaction is greater, if the jokes that our love spills over, the laughter does not go away. 

Role distribution: This is how men and women differ in humor


Researchers have found a not so funny difference between the sexes: men like to give the comedian, women the giggling audience. Presumably no one will seriously assume that this is because women are by nature unqualified for humor

Rather, the role understanding of the “weaker sex” did not allow the aggressive side of Humor for a long time.  A witty woman is no longer valued just as a buddy.

Woman Should no longer has to giggle submissively to be sexy. So common humor becomes even more important

Because in couples who could form a quick-witted stand up duo, we suspect they are way more satisfied partners.

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