Here Are The 10 Tips For Facial Cleansing

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Here Are The 10 Tips For Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing must be – as thorough and as gentle as possible. No problem with a wash program that fits the skin exactly.

Facial cleansing for oily skin


Oily skin tolerates foaming laundry creams. If blackheads and pimples appear more frequently, Syndets are important in facial cleansing, which are adjusted to the pH of the skin. Also good: antibacterial washing gels, which slow down impurities. Under no circumstances take soap for facial cleansing, which can aggravate the pimples plague.

Here Are The 10 Tips For Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs the gentle cycle of facial cleansing: cleansing milk or gel with soothing essences such as thermal water or white tea – if possible without fragrances. To prevent lime residues from the water or residues of the cleansing milk from irritating the sensitive skin, clear the face with alcohol-free lotion. Alternative: Spray thermal water and dab skin.

Facial cleansing for mature skin

Mature skin needs extra care for facial cleansing: cleansing creams with smoothing evening primrose oil and silk proteins or substances from phyto hormones such as soy have a regenerating effect.

Facial cleansing for combination skin

Actually, a combination skin would need different care programs for the different parts of the skin – but that would be quite awkward! Tried it with products that moisturize the dry parts, but do not grease. Wash your face with a pH-neutral cleansing lotion. If you like, then dab nose, chin and forehead with a tonic against impurities – saves cheeks and neck. Also, masks or peels for oily skin can be applied specifically in the T-zone.

Facial cleansing for dry skin

For dry skin , cleansing lotion, cream or oil is ideal to pamper the complexion with moisturizing lipids or moisture binders such as Iris Extract. Then clean with Tonic, which is free from dehydrating alcohol, or take a handy One-Step Cleanser.

Please do not overdo it!

Anyone who cleanses, degreases the skin – and that is stress for them. Therefore sentences like “The A and O of every care is the thorough cleaning” not forgotten! If you do not make up, the shower is enough. Only make-up has to be down in the evening. Remains could otherwise irritate the skin and lead to pimples and redness, break off lint eyelashes.

Masks, scrubs and Co.

Scrubs with rounded micro-spheres gently remove the (winter) gray haze of loose horns and let the skin shimmer rosy again (for dry skin once, for greasy skin two to three times a week apply). Gentle to Sensibleness: soft exfoliating enzymes.

Caution when removing make-up!

Do not buff back and forth while removing make-up, but loosen the ink as gently as possible. Otherwise the eyelashes will break and the sensitive skin will be torn. For sensitive eyes also do not take any oily products. Oils can irritate the conjunctiva – this is particularly unpleasant for contact lens wearers.

Cleansing masks

Here Are The 10 Tips For Facial Cleansing

Cleansing masks exfoliate and care at the same time: micro-spheres increase blood circulation when applied, enzymes and fruit acids dissolve dandruff. Green tea soothes dry skin during the exposure time. Impure skin is cleared up with fango, clay or sandalwood earth: mud and earth absorb excess fat, and sandalwood pulls the pores together. When menthol is added, the mask quickly recovers and algae help to keep it hydrated. After drying (takes about three to ten minutes), these masks are washed off with lukewarm water or removed with moist cotton pads. So-called peel-off masks form an elastic film on drying on the skin and are peeled off like a second skin together with the horny scales.

Tonic – yes or no?

Here Are The 10 Tips For Facial Cleansing

You do not necessarily need a tonic. If you use one, it should be without alcohol. Then apply a high-fat cream (water-in-oil emulsion) that keeps the moisture in the skin. If you prefer to use a lighter cream, it should contain glycerol or hyaluronic acid, both of which can also bind water in the skin. Anyone who already feels tense two or three hours later should immediately switch to a richer cream.

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