Here About Blind Date: Everything you need to know!

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You’re single and ask yourself, should I really go on a Blind Date? We’ll give you tips to make your blind date a success!

Blind Date: What’s that?

When two people date without knowing what the other looks like , it’s called a blind date. Is this even the case in times of social media and online apps? Indeed! We give you an overview of possible constellations.

Speed ​​Date:

The classic for a blind date. We all know someone who has tested speed dating while dating.

In many cities you will be offered something as a single. Tips on events can be found on the internet or in your local newspaper.

And if I can not find anything? Be creative! A Facebook group is created quickly. And as an event manager you are certainly even more attractive …?

  • Your advantage: You get a good overview of many potential partners and have a wide selection. If you do not like the flirtation, you can quickly detach yourself and move on.
  • Problematic: You have little time to really get to know a person! You’ll be hard going beyond the small talk level. However, there will be enough time for philosophical essays later on. Provided you find someone you are interested in.


Slow Date:

Whether it’s fast food or speed dating, we’re in a fast-paced world. But for every trend, there is the corresponding counter movement! Slow-dating focuses on personality and shared interests . Via agencies, telephone flirt lines or apps you create a clear profile about you and your ideal partner.

  • What is important to me with a partner?
  • What interests do I bring with me?
  • How do I imagine my future?

These and other questions should help you to find the right partner for you. The agency then compares the information, and provides members with the highest hit rate .

Afterwards you will receive your contact information and can get to know you online or by phone. If everything fits, is there a nice blind date but nothing in the way?

Face-to-face date:

In the narrower sense, this is a variant of slow dating. Participants meet in small groups in a bar and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. After a few hours, the location is changed and a new group formed.

  • Your advantage: As with speed dating, you have a wide selection and get to know many singles. This time you even have more time and can talk about God and the world in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • What is the catch? In the group, it’s hard to create a private, flirty atmosphere with a potential date. Therefore, face to face dating is only the first filter to get to know each other!

Blind Date

Online Date:

In times of Tinder, Loo and Co., online dating is part of everyday life for many singles. Sure: If we order food, travel and clothes online, why not the big feelings?

Strictly speaking, online portals with photos are no longer Blind Date. However, there are still providers who focus on the interpersonal (see Slow Dating).

Of course you are also free to upload a picture of yourself everywhere . Maybe you wondered why some members look like a landscape …?

Event Date:

To loosen up the atmosphere, there are now various organized events. These include wine tasting or blind cooking and dinner. An exciting form of blind date is the so-called silent dating. You are allowed to communicate exclusively about your gestures and facial expressions. Alternatively, you can build your flirt on drawings.

Practical: It has been proven that the spoken word is only about 7 percent of the communication …?

How do I go about my Blind Date? 3 practical tips!

Blind Date

  • Clear identification and meeting point: Since you do not know what your appointment looks like, you should make a beforehand what you recognize. Maybe you wear a striking scarf or colored shoes ? Appointments in the main station or market place could otherwise develop into the search for persons. Orient yourself in easily recognizable locations.
  • Safe meeting place: A meeting in the woods is just as inappropriate as a date in the station. Maybe you have a favorite cafe or ice cream parlor ? There you feel good and can sit back and relax. In addition, you have the opportunity to end the meeting at any time. In a 3-hour movie that is already difficult …
  • Staying Authentic: When you’re upset or the unfamiliar appointment makes you nervous, say it quietly! This makes you transparent and gives your counterpart the opportunity to open . In general, stay with a blind date yourself. It’s about finding someone that suits you. And not about forming an obscure self that suits you. Unless you’re Jennifer Lawrence or Julia Roberts, your true self comes out faster than you think!

Blind Date: Just try it!

We want to encourage you with this article, even give the supposedly outdated blind date a chance. Maybe you’ve been getting the same type of guy for years. Expand your horizon!

With a blind date you have the chance to meet people without great expectations and filters. 

People that you might not get to know at first glance. Blind Date are not the solution to all dating hurdles, but an interesting addition to Dating !

Here you get more support for your date:  Authentic: What it means and how it works ? Maybe you have your date already successfully behind you and the first sex  is a big topic.

 And for the very wide among you: These apps make your love even stronger !

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