Here “A trip around the world with a baby is a huge win!”

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Here "A trip around the world with a baby is a huge win!"

Bella travels around the world with his wife and baby. Here he tells why that is so enriching.

Lola is happily waving to the Chinese family, who are waiting with us in the airport lobby . Because there is no room left, our daughter shifts the stroller she has with her and starts telling stories. After a short time, it becomes clear that no one can understand the other – so body language is used. After some photos together, a race through the departure hall with the three children and a friendly “bye-bye” Lola comes back to us.Our daughter is at this time 17 months old and with us on world tour.

Is that even possible with baby ?!

The decision to have our baby was the bravest and cleverest thing we ever did. We were only guided by our wishes and our own ideas and not by precise planning.

When we saw other parents with their children at a family party, they clicked on us.

Our hitherto vague dormant wishes came to light and it was clear to us:

We want a family. Shortly thereafter, we became pregnant – and even before we graduated.

That alone brought us a few frowns. “Was that intentional?” Was the most common question we were asked. But we were and are not alone with these desires.

All those who have no concept for their future life, work in the eyes of others like Hans-Keck-in-the-Air.

Courage and spontaneity are reserved in Germany for football matches and the next big car purchase – so it suggests advertising in any case.

On the other hand, after the birth of Lola we began to think about how we could spend the first time together with our daughter. Our dream was a world trip , preferably to Southeast Asia.

In the end, we needed a few tries until we were tired but happy on the plane to Taiwan – not least because we were worried from beginning to end: “Is that even possible with baby?”, “And what if you all Get malaria? “,” You will completely uproot the child! “And so on.

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Here "A trip around the world with a baby is a huge win!"

At the same time, the trip around the world with a child basically felt no different than being pregnant – simply because it was the next courageous and smart decision.

We wanted to travel to Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia. Which visas we needed where we knew. We had scraped together money, sublet the apartment, left the return flight open.

Taiwan was a great start for us, as Josie speaks Chinese and had lived in Taipei for a long time. So, at first, a scary project turned into one that promised to create space in our lives.

Here "A trip around the world with a baby is a huge win!"

Ultimately, our only remaining concern was that Lola and we would not see our relatives for a year.

Shortly after our departure, we were surprised, however, how good it was to keep in touch with Lola’s great-grandmother via Skype.

Our photo album on Instagram finally brought our whole family online – so everyone knows what we’re working on.

Our worries, which were often the worries of our environment, are lost during travel. Our worst ever accident – a broken little finger in Thailand – happened to us while pushing the bike.

Needless to say, hospital care here was better, cheaper, and faster than anything comparable in Germany. What did we learn from this?

Do not be afraid of change


We can not and should not plan everything – because spontaneity is often richly rewarded. Certainly there is a lot of thrill in this adventure, but what is on the way to win, justifies the risk thousandfold: Freedom. Family time. Self-realization.

 Inner growth. Happy parents. A happy child.

Our flexibility now pays off financially. We are currently planning an online business to share our travel experience with other people who are also struggling to follow long paths.Without our child and without our world trip, we would not have had all these insights.


We have learned a lot about ourselves on this trip – also that it is very relaxing to turn dreams into reality. 

Our ideas can develop freely and we no longer have to worry about whether we will ever approach them.

Here "A trip around the world with a baby is a huge win!"

We all are very afraid of change. It can take a long time to not be scared and get into action. 

But the nice thing is: as soon as it’s done, the fears shrink and stay behind. New possibilities open up.

Emotionally, this trip has paid off a thousand times anyway. Our child should get to know the world with joined revive, and a world tour is ideal for that.

Lola thinks it’s normal to approach people, join their table and say hello. Alone for a happy “bye-bye” at the airport in Ketchup, all our planning was worth it.

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