Here 7 small mindfulness exercises for each day

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Here 7 small mindfulness exercises for each day

You have difficulty switching off? This mindfulness training makes you by the way – and it makes you much more relaxed than before.

Just stroke the soul

We all know: We rush from one appointment to the next, maybe collect the children after work, and at home a huge pile of ironing laundry awaits us. Uff! Now take a deep breath!

Let’s not give our body a break in between, he says at some point: That’s enough! The result: We feel chipped off, demotivated – and that can ultimately end in burnout.

Yoga, Pilates, meditation … all super techniques to relax. It is even better to include a few deceleration exercises in the day. We kind of flatter our soul a little bit every day. This is especially important if we can not spend time freeing up on relaxation techniques.

Try these 7 exercises – at home and on the way. At the core, it’s always about focusing on the here and now and more aware of things. So we distract ourselves from worry and relax body and mind. You will see: The mini-training is not difficult, but the effect is great!


1. In the morning in bed

Before you get up, sit on the edge of the bed for a moment. Feel into your body: How does it feel, which emotions are rising in you? Breathe deeply and consciously a few times – and then slowly get up.

2. Under the shower

When you turn on the water in the morning, you should experience this element very intensively: is it warm or cool, hard or soft? How does it feel when it flows down the shoulders? How does the shower gel smell? Try not to think about anything else while showering.

Here 7 small mindfulness exercises for each day

3. On the way

You like listening to music on the go? Then she analyzes a bit: trying to hear every instrument. How fast is the clock? What does the voice of the singer sound like? Do not rate, but only perceive what sounds coming from the headphones.

4. Home

Take a conscious, two minutes from the action and consider what is on your desk or in your living room: How many pens are there? Which journals, which books? How does the paper feel? Concentrate on nothing else – and then slowly come back to your daily business.

5. When eating

Delightfully enjoy your meal. Focus on biting and chewing. Pay attention: How does the smell smell, taste and feel like the food? Is it hard, soft, spicy, sweet?

6. During the walk

Even if your footpath only reaches from the subway to your home, take in the surroundings around you. How much green can you see? How does the air smell? Sing birds? Which flowers are currently blooming? These little exercises will automatically make you feel more relaxed at home.

Here 7 small mindfulness exercises for each day

7. Before falling asleep

The thought carousel often keeps us awake longer than we would like. Here’s how you stop it: Take a moment to reflect. Maybe with a cup of tea.

Take a sip and ask yourself: What did I experience today? Where could I have been more attentive, calmer, more self-confident? What were the nice things today?

But then try to complete the thoughts. Imagine putting it in a drawer, closing it and throwing the key away. Help!

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