Here 7 questions you should ask before the wedding

Posted: November 12, 2018 by XPOFeed


Who marries, wants only one thing: to stay together forever and ever. Relationship experts say: The odds rise if you ask yourself a few questions before the “yes” word.


“Honey, we have to talk!” Most men can win this set as much as a freshly pureed algae smoothie. If you believe American relationship experts, couples can not start early enough verbally tapping their relationship verbally – but at the latest when the step before the wedding altar is pending.

According to the New York Times, you should ask these 7 questions before the “yes-word”:

Good questions, bad questions

Hand on heart: We doubt that there are many people who so mercilessly examine their potential spouse before the ring exchange. At the latest with the question of the things, which annoy us at the family of our partner, perhaps the good old white lie would be appropriate. And if we really need to be informed in detail that our sweetheart 2002 had bad toothache, is also an open question.

If the partner already holes, then perhaps rather as it has suggested Arthur Aaron: The US scientists already in 1977 a test with 36 questions with which we can really get close to another person. Because we should not forget that, if we have asked all the questions and got all the answers: The marriage is about love – and that is unpredictable.

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