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1. He is neither the first thought that you have when you wake up, nor the last thought that you have before falling asleep

You’ve always thought of him, around the clock. Everything around you reminded you of him.

You would repeat every possible scene that you had with him in your head and think about whether things could have gone better if you had done something else.

Now you know that things are exactly as they should be and that he was never there to stay.

Of course he visits your thoughts from time to time, but not as often as before. In time he will only be a distant memory.

2. You used to feel like the ground was moving when you saw it, but all you’re feeling now is indifference

Meeting him is not as difficult as it used to be.

Earlier, as you approached, your body felt an earthquake, and when you had to speak, some inarticulate words came out of your mouth.

Sometimes you even cried after the encounter because your emotions were so strong.

Well, now that’s a different story. There are no more unpleasant earthquakes. Now it’s more like a subtle shiver through your body just because it meant something to you a while ago.

You are able to speak clearly. And you do not care what he has to say or what he will think afterwards, because he is no longer important.

3. You have stopped stalking him on social networks


You no longer feel the need to use your social media detective skills for your ex because you’ve realized that this is not the way to get over him.

By examining his whereabouts and the person he is meeting, you’ve given him room in your head – not to mention giving him your precious time that he did not deserve.

You do not care where he is or with whom he is with.

One day you just woke up and did not feel the need to know anything about him, and the feeling was phenomenal.

4. You have stopped doing things just so he can see them

Previously you liked public photos of pretty guys on Facebook in the hope that they would appear in his news feed.

You used to post songs that were meant to convey a hidden meaning. It used to be what you look like in the past, if you happen to meet him by accident.

You’re over him now, and his opinion is the least of your worries. You do things for yourself and only for yourself.

5. You are immune to his occasional messages

In the old days, your heart would skip a beat if you got a message from your ex. Luckily that’s over.

His messages do not touch you so much. Sometimes you even feel that you do not have to answer.

You have learned not to fall for his sweet words and know that he is writing just because he is lonely.

This is not your business anymore. Even if he was sorry, you do not care. After all the grief he has caused you, you know that there is no going back now.


And if it disturbs your inner peace, you now know that you can block it on your cell phone, in social networks and in your life.

6. You are ready for someone new

You know that enough time has passed and that you are open to testing your chances with someone new.

It is not easy to get his heart back on stage, but it has to be done.

You will take a risk and dare – not because you want to get over your ex, but because you are ready for the love to come back into your life.

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