Here 5 things that are important to men on our hair

Posted: November 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

Here 5 things that are important to men on our hair

Our hair is not only important to us but also to the men. Even more important than some might think. We reveal five things that are particularly important to them. Let’s see if we think the same way …

Almost all of us care about their hair. And certainly, some have even sat at the barber and fought with tears, because two inches have strayed too much. But you know what? Our mane is not only important to us women – men also want to have a good say when it comes to our hair. On these five things they put a lot of value – whether we see the same?

The length

You think men love long hair? Well, let’s talk a few facts: According to a Cosmopolitan poll, 55 percent of men said they found Lauren Conrad’s Long Bob sexier than their long hair. The men go to the Long Bob, who just never goes out of fashion, just like us. Then everything is clear. Of course that does not mean that a long mane can not be as sexy as a long bob  – quite the contrary. The main thing, you feel good!

Here 5 things that are important to men on our hair

The color

Men love blond? Bullshit! Of course, there are polls on hair color preferences, but that does not mean that applies to all men out there. A Garnier survey once confirmed that 71 percent of men would rather marry a brunette. Is that still true? There are so many hair color trends , as one or the other changes her hair color more often than her partner can look. So he has no choice but to overlook the hair color. We also never heard of anyone’s preference for caramel blonde baby lights  and balayage . Your about?

Curls vs. smooth

We often think that men love curly hair. And yes, that’s true. Many think that curls look less boring than straight hair. We would not sign that way. Even straight hair can look super cool and sexy – and if we’re honest then we do not even have time to curl up every morning. If they knew …

Here 5 things that are important to men on our hair

The styling

A hairstyle that looks like you spent five hours styling? Do not like men at all. For them, it usually has to look uncomplicated and as natural as possible. The Undone look and the Messy Bun are therefore very high in the course of the Lords of Creation. Our guess: The hairstyles look a little more wicked.

Obviously, many men do not know that a Messy Bun also needs ten attempts before he sits perfectly. It’s not that easy. But at least good to know, if you ever missed to wash your hair, then you can kill two birds with one stone with an undone bun: save the hairstyle and impress your loved one.

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