Here 5 Beauty Products that we all use In a Wrong Way 💅

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Here 5 Beauty Products that we all use In a Wrong Way

You think you know exactly how to use your tools and Products?¬†Well – we disagree!¬†Because with these here almost every one of us makes a mistake …

From foundation to hairspray – virtually every beauty Products can be used up incorrectly.¬†And that’s what one or two of us did.¬†But with these five mistakes we feel caught.¬†Because we have definitely (almost) all these Products used wrong before.

Hair clips

If the hair does not want to be like us, then of course we always have a hair clip in our purse.¬†At least in the best case.¬†But what many do wrong: The jagged side is not outward, but towards the scalp.¬†So they keep better and are supposed to adapt better to the head shape.¬†If you have very thick hair, you can put two clips together in an X-shape.¬†Through the wavy sides they hold each other throughout the day and do not dissolve.¬†In addition, it looks much better when the straight, smooth side of the brackets faces outward.¬†It’s finally visible to everyone else.

Eyelash curler

Here 5 Beauty Products that we all use In a Wrong Way

Do you ever have an eyelash curler?used and thought then: That has somehow brought nothing. Like us! The reason is that you are not using them properly. Everyone should know that you use the pliers BEFORE wiping your eyelashes, of course. However, it is not enough to bend the eyelashes only at the beginning. Bend it slightly in the middle, so that more momentum is created. And another thing: not every eyelash curler fits every eye. Depending on whether you have a round, almond-shaped or deep-set eye, you should use another pair of pliers. At Tweezers man, for example, you will find specially designed pliers Рthe Pro curl round-eyed pliers and the Pro-Master Eyelash Curler for deep-set eyes. You should absolutely pay attention to this, because otherwise the best eyelash tongs will not help you.

Beauty sponges

Here 5 Beauty Products that we all use In a Wrong Way

Beauty sponges have been THE revolution for a few years when it comes to liquid make-up products. If you still feel that Foundation and Concealer can not really get into it, then you might make this mistake: you use them in the dry state. Beauty sponges Рwhether in egg form, triangular shape or flat sponges Рyou should ALWAYS use moist. This opens the pores of the sponges and they are softer. This allows you to work in the Products better and more naturally and they are not so much on the skin. Just hold your sponge under running water and push it out a few times.

Pointed tweezers

Anyone who has ever tried to pluck his eyebrows with a pair of sharp tweezers will have noticed: this does not work. No wonder, pointed tweezers have no straight edge, with which you can grab the hair safely and tear out. Should not you? This is actually only used for ingrown hair. With the tip you can push the skin over the ingrown hair a bit to the side and expose the stubborn hair. This you can then very specific with the tip and remove once and for all. You have never tried this? Now you know how it works!


Here 5 Beauty Products that we all use In a Wrong Way

A splash on the forearms, rub, done. If you have used your perfume so far, then we have bad news: It does not work that way. Spray into the crooks, neck and abdomen once. Who likes can even give it to the knees. At these spots the fragrance can develop perfectly and you have it all day in the nose.

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