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Posted: December 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

We rave about eye  shadow palettes and all the beautiful colors in them! But let’s be honest: To make an elaborate look with several colors, we just do not always have time … No problem, because even with a single eye shadow color , we can easily and beautifully emphasize our eyes. How it works? We’ll tell you here. 

The most important thing first: which color for the perfect mono eye shadow look?

Basically, any color is suitable for the mono eye shadow look. You should, of course, choose a color that pleases you to your eye, hair, and skin color. Ultimately, the eye shadow can also be chosen to match the outfit or occasion : In everyday life, subtle rose, brown or gray tones offer, while a mono eye shadow look at a party especially with bright colors for eye-catcher.



Mono eye shadow: This is how the trend in 2019 make-up

With this step-by-step guide, the mono eye shadow look is guaranteed to succeed perfectly. Try it out!

1. For a consistent and sharp edge: Adhesive strips, post-its or special eye shadow shields (you can order for little money on the Internet) stick to the outer corner of your eye. So you can blend the eye shadow beautifully cat-eye-shaped outward.

2. Apply a lot of paint to the moving lid – this will later be blinded to the outside. Make sure that the color is not applied higher than the eyelid fold .

3. Using a slightly larger iris brush, evenly distribute the eye shadow below the eyelid fold – just apply as many eye shadows until the color is as intense as desired. Then the eye shadow can still be slightly faded over the eyelids and over the outer corner of the eye to the outside, creating a soft transition or color gradient.

4. In order to intensify the color on the moving lid, simply moisten a synthetic brush (preferably with a make-up fixative spray) and apply the eye shadow with it. (When removing the eye shadow, be sure to use the wet brush to remove color only at the edge to keep the rest of the eye shadow dry.)


5. Work as cleanly as possible along the eyelid crease and blend the edges before the eye shadow is completely dry.

6. Using a narrow brush, distribute dry eye shadow roughly across the entire lower lash line.

7. Now moisten a very fine brush and work along with the eye shadow very close to the lower lash line.

8. Place the moist eye shadow on the lower waterline as well.

And the look is perfect! If you like, you can draw a line, which intensifies your eyesight even more.

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