grunge make-up: That’s how easy the’ 90s look goes

Posted: January 20, 2019 by XPOFeed

Grunge has long been back in fashion. If you want to style yourself completely in the 90’s look, you can still complement your outfit with the matching grunge make-up. We are definitely excited about the casual look.
  1. The casual grunge look
  2. Grunge make-up may look like a night out
  3. Gloomy Smokey Eyes
  4. Variety for the lips
  5. Either eyes or lips emphasize as an alternative

The casual grunge look

No style is more casual than grunge: broken jeans, knotted plaid shirt around the hips, slacks shirt and Chucks, the look is almost perfect. It is perfectly perfect with the appropriate make-up in grunge style and here is the rule of thumb, it should look as casual as possible .



Grunge make-up may look like a night out

It could not be simpler: Forget accurate lipliner and the perfect eyeline. The grunge make-up may be a bit blurry , as if you had celebrated the night.


Gloomy Smokey Eyes

Nothing’s more sinister than dark smokey eyes, so they’re just the right eye make-up for the grunge style. Smokey eyes usually take a bit of practice, but the grunge look is not a big deal if you do not get the Smokey Eyes perfect, it’s even more desirable.


Variety for the lips

With the lips you have absolute freedom . This applies to the application of the lipstick, which does not have to be accurate, as well as the choice of color. Whether bright red, grunge icon courtney love, or a dark brown nuance, just look which color suits your type best. Maybe bright red lips are just too much to the eye-catching Smokey Eyes, then grab a simpler color. After all, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the make-up.



Either eyes or lips emphasize as an alternative

If you feel painted with heavily painted eyes and stressed lips, you can focus on just one part of the face. If you want to make your lips the center of attention, you should still emphasize the eyes with a little mascara. Otherwise the eyes will not show up any longer.

No matter which variant you choose, the most important thing is just the imperfect look – and your grunge make-up is ready.

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