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How To Get Rid Of Back Fat – This Is How The Fat Pads Disappear

Posted: October 31, 2018 by XPOFeed

Fat pads on the back are harmless, but annoying. Although we can not specifically burn back fat, with these tips you can reach your goal faster.

Just do it

Good posture is half the battle, so get ready! Straighten the sternum and tense the back muscles by pulling the shoulders down and the shoulder blades. Keep your abdominal muscles under tension as well, and you will automatically stand upright.


Go to the limit

If you want to burn fat, you have to put a shit on the training. Endurance training is great for burning Fat pads, but there is more: if we go to our limit in short, intense intervals and in between pause briefly, our body burns after training up to 200 calories more than after a moderate workout. So you can, for example, install an interval training in your round .

Targeted training


Focus on exercises that strengthen the back, shoulder and oblique abdominal muscles during your workout. The more muscle you build, the more Fat pads your body burns. So do not be afraid of strength training! If the inhibition threshold for pushups or pull ups is too high, try the alternatives shown in the box below the article. Even exercises for a better posture can work wonders.

Try yoga

Although strength and endurance training is the key to success, yoga also boosts fat burning – at least if you choose a dynamic yoga form that will make you sweat. In our yoga special you will find many different styles of Yoga at a glance.

Eat the right thing

Just as important as training is a healthy diet if we want to reduce our body Fat pads. Avoid ready meals, be sparing with carbohydrates, fat and sugar – and include all the more protein in your diet. Always good: ginger (stimulates the metabolism), fiber (make long full) and plenty of fresh vegetables. Try one of these recipes !

Cleverly distract

Granted, this tip does not burn Fat pads. But whether we feel well depends on our clothes. Before you squeeze into too tight bras or jeans, buy a size larger! Dispenses with tight-fitting fabrics and prefer to use cuts that flatter the body. These women reveal their styling tricks .

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