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Posted: January 20, 2019 by XPOFeed

Pure skin, fine pores, never again pimples – who does not want that? We reveal a Korean beauty secret: To Glass Skin helps you a very specific beauty trick …
  1. What is Glass Skin?
  2. How do you get the Glass Skin for now?
  3. Which products are suitable for care?
  4. Step by step to the perfect skin: The Glass Skin Procedure
Some people look at you, marvel and wonder: how do you get to such a porcelain skin? On the one hand, this is natural – every person has a different skin structure and therefore different needs. However, there are a few wellness tricks that every pore likes to have. And that is exactly what lies in the beauty secret behind the immaculate complexion of the Koreans. 

What is Glass Skin?

Glass Skin is the target of a beauty trick that has slowly but surely made it to Germany. The skin should be particularly clean, the pores fine and the complexion flawless – virtually glassy. We want that too! And that’s why the Glass Skin is another reason why women should talk much more about their beauty secrets – and globally.



How do you get the Glass Skin for now?

In summary, one can describe the beauty trick with a keyword: care.

To get a perfect skin, she should be provided with everything she needs. No wishes are left unfulfilled: So-called layering is applied to several layers of different care products. 


Moisture, moisture, moisture

Is not there too much of a good thing? But, actually, you have to be careful that you do not overuse the skin. Finally, pores are very sensitive and clog like and fast if they can not breathe. That’s why the secret lies in the type of care products. One should only resort to moisturizers. But they are easily confused with greasy creams – please do not use them! Otherwise, the skin may be overwhelmed and even react with pimples. Glassy skin does not mean greasy skin.


Which products are suitable for care?

The care program starts with the cleansing of the skin and ends with the make-up foundation. In order not to overwhelm your face, you should resort to products for sensitive skin. Everyone should be moisturizing. With the ingredients of the care products, you can for example pay attention to hyaluron, algae extracts, avocado, glycerin, aloe vera and a sun protection factor – which protects the skin in addition to wrinkles!



Step by step to the perfect skin: The Glass Skin Procedure

  1. Cleansing: The face should not only be freed of make-up residues in the evening, the skin should also be cleaned again in the morning. For this, washing lotions, even better cleaning oils. Make sure the skin is really clean before proceeding.
  2. Preparation for care: After cleansing is before the cream – now apply a serum or toner. Also thermal water is good. Let it feed.
  3. Mask: The moisturizing mask is the A and O of the Glass Skin – it is integrated into the daily care. To minimize the time factor, you can grab masks that need to be drawn in and not washed off. Then the skin is armed with an extra dose of moisture for the day!
  4. Day care: Now may be creamed! Choose a day cream for sensitive and dry skin and watch out for moisturizing properties.

In addition to daily care, you should use a mild exfoliation once or twice a week. Yes, these are really many steps. But: The care is worthwhile. Your skin will thank you!

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