Fitness Program For Endurance And Figure

Fitness Program For Endurance And Figure

Posted: November 1, 2018 by XPOFeed

Are you looking for a quick fitness program that will shape butt and legs and melt pounds? our workout for outdoors.


Fitness program: short and sweet


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


More figure: Forms thigh, leg and leg muscles More endurance: Activates the circulation and melts pounds More liveliness : Improves body control and bounce 

To be outside, feel the sun on your legs, the warm wind on your face – that’s spring. And because it’s so much easier to just start running instead of packing the sports bag for the gym, we’ve developed an exclusive workout for BALANCE that combines strength and coordination exercises with endurance training – and is always, anywhere feasible. The fitness program consists of a run that is interrupted seven times by intensive strength and endurance exercises.10 to 15 minutes are needed for the exercises, another 15 to 20 minutes for jogging. You walk so slowly that you will not get out of breath, even if you want to talk. So you have enough strength for the intensive exercises that make you sweat quite a bit. If you just want to strengthen your strength and coordination, you can of course also skip the running part – but should warm up carefully before training (instructions: “get warm”).

It is ideal if you complete the fitness program two to three times a week. That’s enough to effectively train your thighs, butt and calf muscles. Especially strengthen your cardiovascular system, because the exercises are so-called circulatory exercises, which means: They are really exhausting and power out – but then also burn a lot of calories, provided you combine the exercises with running.

Important: get warm


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


If you want to do our fitness program, but do without the running part, you need to warm up first – joggers can of course do that too. For two minutes march on the spot. Immediately afterwards jump on the spot. Imagine, you hold a rope like jumping rope in your hands and jump with short, loose jumps off the ground. If you like, you can bounce alternately on the right and left leg. After three to five minutes your muscles are warmed up so that you can exercise effectively. Between the individual exercises, always loosen the body well and shake it out. And at the end of the fitness program stretch your thighs, calves and back of your legs.

1. The ballet jump


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


How it works: Stand upright, cross your legs and press your buttocks together. Your heels are pointing inwards and your toes are pointing outwards. Straighten the upper body by pulling your head up. Then pull the arms down the side of the body and tighten the abdominal muscles. Now make small jumps in the air directly from the stand. Put your feet in front of each other at a small distance, sometimes the left one is in front of the right foot, the other one is in front of the left one. 

Important: Perform the leg change quickly and in a controlled manner. The palms, with your thumbs in front, turn slightly outwards. This helps to maintain body tension. 

That’s what it brings:Exercises leg and butt muscles. Improves posture, coordination and speed. 

Training recommendation: 2 times 15-20 seconds

2. Knee squat jump


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


Here’s how it works: Easily squat on a non-slip surface by bending your legs and bending your upper body forward. Also, bend your arms and clench your fists. Now try to jump high in the air as goal-directed as possible. Pull your thighs far up and your arms in front of your chest until your forearms are parallel. Land on both feet on the ground. 

Important: Be sure to pull your knees up as far as possible. 

That’s it: endurance, strength and agility. 

Training recommendation: 2 times 8-12 jumps

3. One-leg jump


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure

This is how it works: Shift your weight to the leg that is supposed to do the jump. Then you angle the other leg up, the foot in loose contact with the inside of the ankle bone. Angle your forearms and build tension by clenching your hands into fists. Drop your shoulders and stretch your neck up. Now you angle the anklebone, get momentum and jump vertically upwards. During the flight phase, stretch the anklebone and slightly ankle when landing on the ground. 

Important: If you are a beginner, lightly tap the floor with the foot of the other leg when you come on the ground. This dampens the fall movement. Frequent practice of one-leg jumps will lengthen the flight phase over time.

That’s it: Strengthens leg and butt muscles. Promotes balance and bounce. 

Training recommendation: 2 times 8-12 jumps per leg


4th heel jump


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


How it works: Stand hip-width. Angle your forearms and build tension by clenching your hands into fists. Crouch slightly by bending your legs and bending your upper body forward. So you get momentum for the jump in which you try to touch your butt briefly with your heels. Then you land again on both legs. 

Important: Pay attention to a non-slip floor condition. Jump up as vertically as possible and land with your legs slightly bent. 

That’s it: Promotes stamina and trains the leg and butt muscles. 

Training recommendation: 2 times 8-12 jumps

5. Frog


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


Here’s how it works: Keep your legs wider than hip width. Your toes are pointing beyond your knees and slightly outward. Then bend your upper body slightly forward, raise your arms straight at shoulder height, your fingertips point forward. The head lengthens your spine. If you stand securely in this position, jump forward in small, initially about 20 cm long jumps. Later you can increase the length of the jumps up to 50 cm. 

Important: Make sure your toe tips are above your knees. Leave the entire position of your upper body unchanged during the jump. 

That’s it: The body tension is improved, the bounce promoted, the leg and foot muscles strengthened.

Training recommendation: 2 times 15 seconds

6. Side leg throw


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


How it works: Put your legs more than hip width. Then you angle your arms and put your forearms parallel to each other. Then jump on one leg and pull the other outward. Perform the exercise in direct alternation between both legs. 

Important: Keep your shoulders as low as possible and start with small leg rolls. 

That’s it: coordination, endurance and strength. Strengthens the shoulder, leg and foot muscles. 

Training recommendation: 2 times 20-30 seconds

7. Power walking


Workout: Fitness program for endurance and figure


How it works: Put your legs about 30-50 cm in front of each other. Your toes are pointing forward and your knees are slightly bent. Continue to angle your arms in opposite directions to your legs so that one elbow is behind your back and the other is in front of your torso. Let’s start with light jumps by putting your legs back and forth. 

Important: Use your arms with force, which supports the movement. Start with small footsteps and slowly expand the distance. 

That’s what it’s about: Improving stamina and coordination. Training of the legs, arms and shoulders. 

Training recommendation: 2 times 30-45 seconds


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