First Date: That's How He Acts According To The Zodiac Sign

First Date: That’s How He Acts According To The Zodiac Sign

Posted: January 3, 2019 by XPOFeed

Tinder date there, a date with a fellow student there and always something seems to fit and it is not quite as you have imagined? Maybe it’s the sign of the zodiac? Not anymore. We’ll tell you what you can expect on your first date with these Zodiac Men:


The Capricorn man usually feels his way pretty slowly. A first date with a Capricorn might seem boring at first. But: there is a good intention behind it. He just wants to test if you really fit together.


Nothing for the faint of heart! Crabs are nervous on the first date. So think about a chilled location for a first date with a cancer man or suggest that he choose a place where he feels super comfortable, then the whole thing will be much more relaxed.


If you like fancy men with a touch of crazyness, then you’ve found your match. Aquarians are anything but calm and 08/15. And they show you the same on the first date.


On the first date with a virgo, you must not take everything at face value. The appearance is deceiving. Virgo men give a lot of effort on the first date to do nothing wrong. It can happen that they exaggerate and behave quite differently than they actually are.


Attention, macho alarm! The Aries man is quite confident of himself and finds himself irresistible. Stupid only that he is often right: Because he actually draws many glances. Jealousy is preprogrammed.


The Leo is the king of the jungle, and that’s how he behaves! Leo Men are pretty much in love with themselves and are sure that everyone wants to go to bed with them – even after the first date. Are you looking for a hot date that ends with a wild night? Then the lion is perfect for you!


Oh oh! A date with a Taurus man could become a real disaster. Taurus have zero mood for romance. Instead of candlelit dinner, there’s beer and hot dog from the sausage stall. Something different.



The scorpion is pretty closed on the first date and gives little price. Are you curious? Then give him a chance and meet him a second time, because it looks quite different.



Pisces-men are real romantics and a date with them can be quite exciting. But be careful if he talks too much about the ex. Pisces Men have a hard time over the previous relationship and need a lot of time to get involved in something new.



With dates with Sagittarius a lot of flirting – and not only with the opposite. For Sagittarius love their freedom and risk even on the first date like a look at others or even a little flirt with the waitress.



Imagine that you have little to talk about. The Gemini man holes you up with a lot of questions on the first date, but also likes to talk about himself. It just helps to cuddle him in order to silence him!



The first date with a balance seems almost perfect. Libra-men like to talk and feel relaxed when getting to know each other and are not afraid to plan their future together. But beware! Libra are proverbs that you should not take too seriously.


First Date: That's How He Acts According To The Zodiac Sign

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