Fasting 11 Tips To Help You Stay The Course

Posted: October 28, 2018 by XPOFeed

What to do about small crises and great cravings during fasting? Eleven proven tips that help you to persevere.

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It’s not so easy to go fast . Again and again lure lurking along the way and the inner bastard sometimes does not want to set in motion. In order to make it easier this year, we have put together 11 tips for you. So fasting definitely works!

1. Get in the right mood

Write down before the beginning of the fasting week, what you would like to achieve with fasting: a new body feeling, a change in eating habits, or should fasting above all be a time of reflection for you? Hang the note clearly visible on the fridge or the whiteboard at work. Think about whether you also have very personal intentions that you associate with fasting – this often motivates especially.

2. Deal with hunger

Drink water or tea when feeling hungry. Even an oat or rice soup is doing well. Go to the fresh air, distract yourself with a short walk. Keep reminding yourself that after two or three days of fasting, the hunger will naturally subside by itself.

3. Exchange

Simultaneously fast with a friend and call her if you’re just thinking about food. Or go fast in our B friends forum . There you can talk about your crises and learn all about the bad moments of others.

4. Resist lure

Do not give in to the temptation to finally chew something again. At best, a sugar-free chewing gum is allowed from time to time, even an apple (which you can enjoy as a juice without problems) can complicate your fasting. Because every bite, every form of solid food causes gastric juice production to start. And that reinforces hunger. Consistent non-eating is really easier!

5. Schedule rewards

Motivate with targeted rewards. The shoes you’ve seen in the shop window for a long time, the expensive concert tickets or the visit to the beautician – now is the perfect time to treat yourself!

6. Use time

Since you do not cook and eat, you have much more time left over for you each day. Use it – for a long phone call with your girlfriend, for a book you’ve always wanted to read, for all the things that make you happy and that otherwise go down the drain for lack of time.

7. Help yourself by natural means

The metabolism change during fasting may in some cases cause mild discomfort. This helps with headaches: drink a lot, exercise in the fresh air, relax and rest. Even a hot compress, which is put on the neck, or mint oil, rubbed on the temples, provide relief.

In circulatory disorders, dizziness, nausea, sweating: drink rosemary or hawthorn leaf tea, suck a teaspoon of honey. preventive cold whole body washes (with a washcloth), brush massages, doing gymnastics. Attention: If the symptoms persist for more than one day, see a doctor.

8. That helps with stomach upset

In case of bloating, herbal tea with caraway, fennel or anise helps – plus a hot water bottle and a light circular abdominal massage. If you have diarrhea or other stomach problems, leave the fruit juices (diluted vegetable juices are okay). Heat, rest and a tablespoon of healing earth can soothe your stomach.

9. That helps with sleep disorders

Provides warm feet and a well-ventilated, not too heated bedroom. Knapp treatments such as cold partial washing of the abdomen, arms and legs make it easier to fall asleep.

10. That helps with shivering

Drink warming teas (eg ginger tea, lemon balm tea with a pinch of cinnamon). Instead of cold juices, it’s better to spoon hot broth. Brush massages and exercise get the circulation going and also warm you up.

11. This helps with restlessness

Gentle exercise helps against it – walking, walking, gymnastics, whatever you feel like doing. Or try this relaxation exercise: retreat to a quiet place. Sit comfortably on a chair, but you can just lie down for a long time. Breathe deeply and consciously through the nose into the abdomen and out through the mouth. Speak or think three sentences in succession: “My body is calm and relaxed”; “My breathing is calm and relaxed”; “My mind is calm and relaxed”. Try to feel the ascending calm and serenity.

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