False Friends: You Often Get Disappointed By These Zodiac Signs

False Friends: You Often Get Disappointed By These Zodiac Signs

Posted: January 18, 2019 by XPOFeed

We all have already made acquaintances who have not always taken the friendship seriously. Sometimes you will be disappointed in friendships. It gets painful, especially when it comes from someone you are actually close to. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us that you can really be fooled in a human being – because some traits come to light only too late. At least the signs of the zodiac can often be a warning sign in friendships. Which zodiac you really should be careful of, we tell you here.


The scorpions are sometimes the taciturn Zodiac sign. They like to keep their feelings to themselves and just do not talk about it openly. But without communication, serious friendships become difficult. The scorpion quickly feels misunderstood, is super jealous and often possessive. The zodiac becomes angry at the slightest missteps and makes it difficult to reconcile. But once you’ve found the right link to a scorpion and managed to gain your trust, scorpions are the best friends you can ask for.


Leo love attention and prefer to be the center of attention alone. They do not compromise on that. They always try to get the maximum benefit out of a friendship in order to always be in focus. To stand up better themselves, do not be afraid to put others in a bad light. Although Leo are considered loyal, their image is more important to them than almost any friendship. If you have a superficial relationship, you have found a good friend in the Leo. However, anyone who longs for a profound connection will probably be disappointed.


Cancer can be the best companions because they are caring, loving and super empathic. But they are demanding too. The zodiac expects from its counterpart namely exactly the same characteristics with equal use. If that’s not the case, then it gets uncomfortable. With explanations like “I have a lot to do at the moment” one encounters incomprehension with him. Guilty of the allegations that like to throw a crayfish to the head is inevitable. In addition, the watermark makes compensation difficult, as they are extremely vindictive.


False Friends: You Often Get Disappointed By These Zodiac Signs

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