Fairy Dust: This is the new make-up trend for the winter

Posted: December 18, 2018 by XPOFeed

This winter it shimmers not only on our holiday dresses, but especially in our face! Whether on the eyelids or the lips – shimmer is now totally announced!

Fairy Dust translates as fairy dust. Sounds glamorous – and that’s it. What exactly does that mean? Shimmer particles conquer the make-up world! Because this look is about fine glitter and shimmer elements that are applied around the eyes and lips. This trend is so great for the Christmas and New Year, where there are finally enough occasions to celebrate.

That’s where the trend comes from

Glitter make-up we could already admire on one or the other show of the Fashion Weeks, as here with Jeremy Scott. Here the models ran with glitter metallic lips over the catwalk.

At the Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week, there were not only glitter lips, but also shimmering eye make-up!

The French woman Violet Seurat, Global Beauty Director of Estes Lauder, shows the right fairy-dust look currently on her Instagram account. She is also the one who speaks the fairy-dust look in an interview with Birdie.

So you put on the look on the eyes

The great thing about the trend: You can control it yourself. Meaning: You determine the intensity of the look. If you want to try it out first, start with less shimmer particles and spread it sparingly on the eyelid.

You love glitter, shimmer and attract attention? Then you can apply the particles generously on your eyelid and around it. A base of colored eye shadow is also great here!

You can also mix the glitter particles directly with your eyeshadow before applying or you can take eye shadow that already contains glitter or shimmer. Be sure to use a primer before applying, so your look will last. If you’re a fan of eyeliner, you can put on a glitter eyeliner instead of the classic one.

That’s how Fairy Dust works on his lips

Before spreading the shimmer particles on your lips, use a lipstick. Now the shimmer comes into play: either you distribute it on the entire lips, or concentrate on the middle.

Fairy Dust: The new beauty alternative

So that it does not get too much, decide on the Fairy Dust make-up look for either of these: eyes or lips. Fairy Dust Look – all in all a charming alternative to classic smokey eyes and red lips. If not everyone gets the mood to shine the bet!

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