Exactly What Diet Suits Me? According To Your Zodiac Signs

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Aries are overly pleasure-oriented, and life has other priorities. Drinking enough water would be a first step in not just drinking coffee, black tea or coke. Aries usually prefer protein-rich foods, and often they are – like the hunters once – real meat eaters. In reasonable terms, that’s okay, but game and lamb should still have preference over pork. White meat (chicken, rabbit, rabbit) is more beneficial, so does Fish. Give Carbohydrates Power – athletes pay attention to it. Salad, vegetables, fruits, all that is not a dispensable luxury. I remember a client who ate only meat and ate fried food in the morning. This does not go well in the end, as the first organ usually strikes the pancreas. Aries rarely suffer from weight problems, they move too much. However, if a Aries has gained some weight, a protein-rich diet with plenty of meat and fish is the right choice. Aries, as I said, belong to the hunters and nomads; they tolerate and digest meat well. However, in order to prevent hyper acidity, a basic diet with green or cooked vegetables, seedlings and sprouts must be provided. Nettle tea is detoxifying and acidifying, especially effective when prepared with a small splash of lemon and some honey. Drinking a lot, especially water and green tea, is a must with every diet. Salads and fruits should always round off the diet, because just enzyme-rich fruit splits fat and heats the metabolism. Papaya, mango, pineapple or strawberries literally lose weight.



Food must be especially enjoyable for Taurus, but also diverse. If you decide for a while, for example, for a detoxification diet, then it should be very imaginative designed. When Taurus have to mortify themselves, they become irritable and may even react with depressive symptoms. The food is not about guinea fowl on sorrel. The home-style cuisine often tastes good. But the best quality should have the food, everything must be freshly prepared, junk food or even fast food are not on the table. A pasta with a sauce of fresh tomatoes, basil and Parmesan cheese and a glass of wine – that’s great treat. The rightly praised Mediterranean diet is simply ideal nutrition for Taurus: vascular-friendly, stimulates the metabolism and flatters the figure. A tip for sweet tooths: Who wants to split and burn fat faster, in the evenings as Betterment a small portion of muscle meat (chicken, white fish) with lemon drizzled eat. The contained carnitine, a vitamin-like substance, promotes fat burning and makes you lean. Since Taurus like to revel, one has to pay attention to the line permanently. In between a few barren days with potatoes and cottage cheese or a fish cooked in a tomato bed, bring them back into shape. Ideal to get rid of a few extra pounds is juice fasting. It takes four to five days exclusively liquid food: teas, water, vegetable broth and vegetable soups, which are prepared with tasty herbs.

Potato soup is also a possibility, but should be served pureed. This diet detoxifies, detoxifies, acidifies and also relieves the liver. Taurus have a certain stability, so they are not overly sensitive to food. Only those born between the ages of 25 and 28 should clearly limit wheat consumption, and the Taurus born between May 13 to 17 should not drink too hot, not eat too much acid stain (coffee , Alcohol, sweets), not too spicy dishes. Even high-percentage alcohol (liquor) should be avoided, but the esophagus is too sensitive. For almost all bulls, the secret recipe of the singer applies: For mucosal affections of the neck and the vocal cords chicken soup and pasta are recommended. This calms and heals and gives a bell-clear voice. For the wheat sensitive: Pasta is also different, made from spelled, soy, greens or buckwheat. Especially spelled noodles taste almost like wheat semolina pasta, just a touch nutty.


The diet is not as uncomplicated with Gemini as they would like it to be. They favor light food that does not make the stomach and thus life difficult. The rule is: talking and communicating is more important than eating. Since Gemini are fond of talking with hands and feet, preferably on the move, a buffet is ideal, where you can always get small appetizers, maintain contact in between, chat a bit, then enjoy some goodies again. Finger food has probably been invented by a Gemini. In addition to working on the computer to bite one or the other bite, without having to cook long and to cover the table or to be torn out of the daily flow, which has something for Gemini.

Staying lean, fit and flexible is a must and always a requirement. The Brigitte diet has many supporters, certainly Gemini to a very special degree. Fish, salad and fruit, these are the favorites. It would be good to eat some rice. It is light, neutral and gives a lot of energy. However, if you want to do more for your fitness, your body, you should familiarize yourself with the diet according to the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). This traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) lesson is not as complicated as it sounds, but incredibly exciting – as highly intelligent twins like it. This is not just about reducing weight, but balancing the thermal effects of food and balancing flavors that directly address the organ system. In short, the positive Qi, the life energy, should be strengthened with a special diet.


The diet of sensitive crabs is tricky. The stomach needs a carefully composed diet – and above all, rest when eating. You should not consume anything when in an annoying mood. Anyone who has such sensitive mucous membranes does not tolerate acid relaxers (coffee, hot spiced, roasted and smoked meat), actually nothing fat (which does not prevent crabs from having cravings for goose fat every now and then). Sweet in all variations is preferred. Be careful with white sugar, better is cane or glucose, sometimes honey. Cow’s milk is almost never tolerated, but almost all goat and sheep products. The Greeks and Turks have always known that quark and yogurt are extremely healthy of these two animals. Garlic is incompatible, as well as onions, in general, everything inflating should be treated with utmost care, as are citrus fruits. Five, six smaller meals are more digestible in cancers than three large ones. Going to the organic shop is worthwhile, because natural nutrition (without fertilizers, little preservatives) is a must.

In the morning a light cereal, lunch salad, in the evening no raw food (puffs!), That is a wise precaution in crabs. According to the Chinese view, lightly cooked dishes detoxify much more than raw food. Crustaceans are best suited to Asian cuisine, but without the use of too much coconut or peanut oil. Also on sharp Indian or Korean courts should be waived because of the sensitive mucous membrane. Lustful food but must be with the cancer! By the French king Henry IV the saying is handed down that every subject on Sunday should have a chicken in the pot. This says something about the Regent’s care, which had both the Sun and the Ascendant in Cancer, so benefiting twice from this energy. And crabs know: love goes through the stomach. And if the latter has left visible traces and consequences and slimming would inspire well-being, especially offers a diet that is strongly oriented to the South Beach fare.

The idea behind this diet: Carbohydrates are reduced, but also sweet and whole milk products (the cancers are not well tolerated anyway). Even sweet fruits and sweetened drinks are deleted from this diet. Instead, fish dominates, whether freshwater or marine fish, best cooked in foil with herbs or tenderly grilled. Of course, light meat is ideal, which should also be gently grilled. Everything without sauces, so prepared natural, with a splash of lemon refined and wholesome. Vegetables and salads must be, eggs may be. For more than fourteen days, a strict diet should not necessarily be practiced. Crustaceans like to eat Crepes, waffles, small sugary delicacies; all of that may be in principle, sometimes. It is important to focus on a healthy, light diet. And feel good! Who forbids everything, that will certainly not be able.



The diet should be a real experience for Leo, a royal treat, even if in the last instance it should keep you slim, healthy and fit. This is known to be a bit more expensive, but is readily accepted by the Leo. He knows that something special is always more expensive. But above all, it is important to pay attention to food intolerance. As a rule, as already mentioned, other sensitivities which have already been brought into life are taken up by others. For instance, cow’s milk protein, yeast, chicken egg whites or preservatives may be added as allergies to the wheat and grain intolerance of lions and cause reactions. Grasses, pollen and animal hair may also be allergenic, but these are secondary allergies that only become apparent later. What does the Leo taste like? At the top of the list are high-quality protein products such as lobster, shrimps, caviar, salmon and sole. Shellfish, however, should not be consumed in huge amounts because of the uric acid that is contained in them.

Those who are prone to rheumatics or gout should handle it more cautiously. Vegetables and salads are important, such as asparagus, turnip, Swiss chard, lamb’s lettuce, rocket, sorrel. Lion diet should be a bit exotic, this also applies to fruit. Pomegranates, lychee, melons, papaya and mango have the preference for this zodiac sign, in general all tropical fruits, because they are particularly rich in enzymes. With a tendency, herniated disc and other back problems, these fruits are a real cure. For diseases on the holding apparatus an acidifying diet is enormously important. Especially potatoes should be on the menu as they are basic. They may seem too little to the Leo, but alternatively there are parsnips, sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes. In addition: Variety in the diet not only tickles the palate, but is also healthy and prevents further.



She is at Virgo pleasure and load, preference and handicap at the same time. They do not like a lot, no bloating fruit or vegetables, especially legumes should avoid them. Apples and nuts are also of limited use because they also puff, raw food can be a real challenge. Despite or because of these limitations, the Virgo shows a great willingness to respond to one’s own sensitivities like no other zodiac sign. Warm teas, carrots, potatoes, steamed fish, chicken in wok cooked with vegetables – the maid knows what tastes and flatters the gastrointestinal tract. Soup loves her, rice too, knowing that he can stuff. Other preferred oatmeal, muesli with sea honey, soft fruits such as mango, pear, apricot, passion fruit, papaya and banana, soybean, coconut and almond milk.

From this the maiden makes a muesli that is tolerable to the intestines. Whole grains are not allowed to contain large, coarse grains that can affect the intestinal mucosa. Finely ground whole grain is whole foods. Sea salt should be used instead of saline, honey, maple syrup, apple or pear syrup can replace white sugar. The maiden knows and appreciates all this, the organic shop lives from her. If she feels that she needs to be slimmer, remember that virgins, the females, at least, have a powerful femininity and are not intended to be the same elf. To be so gentle and ethereal, therefore, should not be cherished as an ideal image. As a rule, Virgo love to cook and eat and are great, creative cooks who follow all the rules of healthy eating.



Healing for body, soul and spirit can be a balanced diet with Libra. Now Libra is a connoisseur and certainly not a fanatical health apostle. Italian cuisine is an excellent way to stabilize your health. Fish, natural, with herbs, a splash of lemon and cooked in a little oil, is ideal for the Libra. They love salads in all variations, but only with fresh ingredients prepared, with olive oil (of course, the first and thus the purest pressure) and balsamic vinegar (with a corresponding sensitivity, rice vinegar, pearl barley vinegar or lemon can be used). Herbs must be, vegetables too, as many colorful varieties as possible. The beauty-loving Libra favors the balance of the colors yellow, green, red, orange and violet.

This not only flatters the eye, but also the psyche, because each color group supports a different state of mind. Meat does not have to be, but it can be. Above all pheasant, chicken, lamb, rabbit or flying duck are preferred, prepared in the oven. Salt is a delicate point for Libra. Please replace salt with sea salt, which is kidney friendly. Rock salt and Himalayan salt are also much more beneficial to the organism. Which salt is used at the end, it must be well dosed. This also applies to sugar; as you know, it always depends on the right degree. Obviously, the enjoyment-oriented Libra loves and prefers the Mediterranean diet, certainly because Italy is a Libra country. You can not gain weight from this feathery kitchen, and the diet is still healthy. The Libra is archetypal to the encounter and can only benefit from shared experiences in the group. The composition of the diet should be balanced and healthy, mainly fruits and vegetables should be on the plan. A favorite of the Libra is also the diet, which automatically ensures an ideal weight. Ayurveda already has a great fascination for Libra-born babies and has a healing power.



The meals of the scorpions should not be too heavy, as they tend to thicken the juices and also to gain weight. The tasteful Indian cuisine is something for your palate, it also supports your health. Curry, for example, is a spice that harmonizes an irritated bile flow. has a healing effect on the gut. A menu of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty tastes, the Tao of Nutrition and the elements of Chinese Medicine, is extremely helpful in balancing imbalances. (The energy work of the 5 Tibetans is a perfect complement to that.) Scorpions should neither want to lose weight very much nor draw too much from the solid, otherwise the good form will be lost. What sits with scorpions, that is stuck. Since letting go is known to be a difficult exercise, losing weight is no different. Scorpios like to eat everything, sweet and hearty, strong, intense and also unusual.

Meat, fish and rice dishes, sometimes couscous (consisting of millet and barley). Desserts, especially desserts, are also favorites. When scorpions lose weight and do not want to go without it, it helps to follow a particular order of daily nutrition. It has proven useful to eat “sweet” in the morning. A muesli with fruit or a spelled bun with honey, jam or with chocolate  (a chocolate cream, which is prepared without white sugar, milk and additives) tastes delicious! At lunchtime there are salads, quiet with tofu or soy. In the evening meat or fish with light, not bloating vegetables, everything tender cooked, never with any sauces complained. No raw food that bloats at this late hour. With this strategy, scorpions lose pounds without mortification, and that’s extremely important to them.



This topic is important for Sagittarius-born, especially as one or the other food intolerance is present. It is crucial to eat regularly, maybe four to five small meals, preferably in relative calm. Since water retention can occur, salt should be well dosed so as not to bind any liquid in the body. Lymph drainage is then the treatment of choice – and drink as much as two to three liters of low-mineral water. Usually, shooters have a spoiled palate, so little treats are welcome. Fish appetizers, shellfish, exotic salads and fruits are preferred by shooters (ideal for the figure as well). Meat is to be treated with caution in the tendency. Pulses, lentils, chickpeas, but also mushrooms are a high-energy alternative. The Japanese cuisine, which mainly offers fish, tastes good and shooters get well, as well as Thai food, which provides primarily with fresh vegetables and fruits for well-being. Clearly: shooters should not take too much alcohol, the liver is not as strong as you would like. And she is not emancipated! Women tolerate only one-third of what men can drink. And the ideal diet, how should that look? Sagittarius then tend to gain weight if they have not found their life passions, tasks and destiny.

Therefore, one should first ask the following questions in weight problems: What is wrong, where is my soul on the track, where are my goals unclear or uninspiring? Then it says: Is my fluid balance okay? Anyone who eats salty, in the evening maybe nibble chips or salt pretzels, will bring more by the water retention more on the scales. And if you really want to lose weight, just follow his passion for Japanese cuisine. There are hardly overweight Japanese! The fish-dominated, soy-rich diet is extremely figure-friendly. Soy and tofu are slimming products! Also, the favorite of shooters Thai cuisine, which has a lot of fruit on offer, is figure-flattering and extremely invigorating by the vitamins. The Sagittarius metabolism also needs physical and mental exercise! Sport is a must – and a passion that is followed with all enthusiasm and devotion as it permanently expands the spiritual horizon. It affects Sagittarius incredibly liberating – even from unnecessary pounds. Weight fluctuations do not just have to do with nutrition, but are a holistic topic. This actually applies to all zodiac signs. The knowledge of the unity of body, soul and spirit is also what characterizes natural healing.



In my experience, especially Capricorn people rely on a consistent diet. Meat, especially from the pig, but often also from beef or veal, are not always tolerated. More suitable are wild game, lamb or fish in all variants – this diet is then very beneficial for the rheumatic tendency of the ibex. Enzyme-rich fruit, and especially strawberries, pineapple, papaya and mango, are almost a kind of remedy. Lots of vegetables, potatoes, parsnips and the often wrongly maligned turnips help in the of the organism. Mostly vegetables are eaten by ibexes, so this food is no restriction.

To drink a lot, mainly non-carbonated water, not too cold. Red wine is beneficial in moderation, beer should be as top-fermented as possible- it rinses well. Born January 17-20, they are very sensitive to disharmony and any atmospheric change, including interpersonal issues. Here is the rule: Never eat anything when internal or external tensions burden. The food does not get then and can even beat on the stomach and gut or cause spasms in the bile area. Capricorns are often as trim and slim as their counterpart in nature, the graceful, nimble ibexes that master the highest level of difficulty in climbing with light-footnotes. Even in later years, the figure remains top. And women who often fear to gain some weight during the menopause or after, do not have to worry about this zodiac sign. On the contrary: Without appropriate measures, it will even decrease significantly. But who wants to regulate the weight, is with the food combining – and not even with the strictest form – the best advice.


In terms of intolerance, nutrition is an important issue for Aquarius. (By the way, allergies can be tested and sometimes also be diverted, at least alleviated.) When making purchases, it is worth checking exactly the ingredients. Otherwise, the diet must be light: fish, in all variations, especially octopus, which belongs to the zodiac Aquarius; but also shellfish, mussels, especially scallops. And sushi! The Indian and the Japanese cuisine are the favorites. Wheat, which is often incompatible, can easily be exchanged for millet, kamut, buckwheat, spelled, greens or rye. It makes sense to test these grains to be on the safe side. By the way: Couscous is often a favorite dish with these countless allergies, because it has a touch of exoticism and it also tastes delicious. When changing the diet, imagination and creativity are in demand, but both have Wassermann people in the oversupply.

Aquarius-born people, who are usually far ahead of their fellow humans and who are – at least mentally – racing through time, space and galaxies, almost never belong to the heavier-weight natures. Of course, in certain phases, such as in stressful situations where tensions in interpersonal relationships increase, the weight may derail, perhaps even fluctuate sharply up and down. That is why it is essential to make sure that dietary changes are chosen. In addition, the desire to lose weight must not be exaggerated! As Aquarius-born people are very likely to respond to cereals with allergies, a weight-saving diet is particularly beneficial. Helpful here would be the basic idea of ?? the diet. It recommends foods that keep blood sugar levels relatively constant. The diet here consists mainly of high-quality fish and meat dishes, lots of vegetables and salads. Sweets, potatoes, bread, pasta and sweetened drinks are deleted. A cereal breakfast is no longer there! But melon with ham, fruit in all variations or a scrambled egg in soda cooked are also delicious variants. And: protein has a high saturation factor!


It requires special care in the Pisces-born due to the many food intolerance. Flaring legumes and leeks should be treated with caution. Especially garlic can cause strong intolerance reactions. Pisces often respond massively to energetically “hot” food. It is known from the Tao of Nutrition that the combination of garlic, beans, lamb and red wine is a meal that makes sensitive people unable to sleep at night because each of these ingredients is classified as “hot”. Chili, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and game as well. That is why gentle Pisces often do not tolerate these foods and spices as well. (Only recommended as a deliberate dietary supplement in case of weakness, always taking into account existing intolerance.) Soups make fish happy as well as spinach, bananas, lamb’s lettuce and shellfish. Chocolate counts as well as dark ones in particular.

Pisces love sweets, so they come with a diet that allows for breakfast rather “sweet”, so cereal with fruit or spelled bread with sea blackthorn honey, better clear. Carbs are processed well. Often Pisces have a natural aversion to meat, are vegetarian by conviction. Often they do not eat anything they think has a soul. With such massive incompatibilities one should think that Pisces belong to the tender, mermaids same beings. Often that’s true. But food intolerance can be a side effect of weight gain if they are not known and therefore ignored. When white sugar, cow’s milk protein (especially in the form of yogurt and cottage cheese) or pork is consumed, but this is not tolerated by the organism, the body deposits the non-tolerable in pounds in the body. And: Every food allergy is followed by a fungal infection, usually with the yeast fungus Mon ilia Albanians. That’s a clear rule! And only this burden is associated with an increase in weight, even with water retention.


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