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The problem of bad skin is known to many people. But skin is what everyone else can see, especially on the face. Therefore, it must be handled carefully at a young age. However, if it comes to an impure skin, its cause must be found. Impure skin looks oily and large pores, the tendency to pimples is great. Often an unhealthy lifestyle is the beginning. Of course, the various environmental influences do the rest.

Facial masks can be very effective on bad skin. 


Adolescents in puberty often suffer from impure skin. Impure skin is not necessarily a hygiene problem. One of the causes lies in the skin care products used. They contain some chemical substances. Plasticizes, preservatives and other substances have a negative effect on the regulatory mechanism of the skin. The result is impure skin and possible skin diseases.

EFFECTIVE FACIAL MASKS FOR IMPURE SKINThat’s why proper skin care is very important. Skin care can be health care. For bad skin, many care products are recommended that will soon be effective. They are without chemical additives and relieve skin problems relatively quickly and well. But often they are very expensive and the effect does not last long. Straight facial masks for daily use are very important for impure skin. They clarify the complexion and give a beautiful and healthy complexion.


Soothing masks with a healing effect are provided with active ingredients such as panthenol and avocado oil . They bring the skin back to its proper balance, eliminate impurities and make the skin supple. These masks are applied to the cleansed face and then removed again with warm water after a contact time of 30 minutes .

Another proven method is to make masks against skin problems. These masks can be prepared quickly and easily with just a few ingredients. They can be found in shops, health food stores or in the local kitchen. Before applying a mask, the affected areas of the skin should be cleaned with a mild cleansing lotion. The pores become free and can thus absorb the mask properly.



Simple home remedies like honey or curds can help with bad skin. 

pot mask

Simple and yet very good is a pot mask. Commercially available skim pest without additives is applied to the face. Only when the pot is completely dry, it is rinsed with lukewarm water. The curd deprives the skin of the fat which causes the impurities. The effect of the mask is enhanced by a relaxed posture.

Grapes with oatmeal

Another way to make a mask for impure skin is to mix a few crushed grapes with a tablespoon of oatmeal and apply this mass. The exposure time is 15 minutes . Then the mask is rinsed with a little lukewarm water. Subsequently, the skin can be supplied with a nourishing cream.

Honey stopper mask

The honey-pot mask has also proven itself in bad skin. 1 tsp honey , 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp fresh milk and 1 tbsp pestle are mixed together. The mask is applied evenly, leaving the eyes blank. It eliminates both impurities and the greasiness of the skin.

Regular use of blemished skin masks helps to effectively combat contamination and prevent further skin problems. Sufficient care and targeted applications will soon make their first successes visible. But even a healthy and balanced vitamin-rich diet helps to do something good for the skin every day.


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