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May this year, which is yet to come, be your year. Let go of all the empty promises you made this year. Let go of all the empty promises others have given you.

Release all the goals you set yourself a long time ago. Forget the burden of the things you wanted to do, but somehow could not.

Forget your ugly past in 2019. Forget all the times you felt bad, forget the moments when you were depressed or when you let others pull you down.

Forget your false friends in 2019. Forget the people who swore to be there for you and left you alone.

Do not allow them to steal a minute more from your lifetime. Do not think about them and do not think about welcoming them back to your life.

Go away from toxic people that are of no use to you. Do not allow them to enter the new chapter of your life with you.

Leave those people who disturb your peace, who just want to use you and those who do not appreciate you enough. Learn to appreciate yourself.

Forget all those bad people who have wronged you. Forget all those who hurt you. Forget all those who want to return to your life. Leave them where they belong, do not drag them along with you.

Do not you dare ask yourself if you should give them another chance, because if they meant well, they would not have gambled away the first one you gave them.

Learn from your broken heart in 2019. But allow yourself to love again.

Remember the kind of people who hurt you and remember their characteristics. Remember their patterns so you will never fall in love with such people again.

Thank you in 2019 for everything you’ve gone through. Thank you for overcoming all the moments that you thought you would not be able to do.

Realize the hell you have been through and realize that you are much stronger than you thought.

Learn to appreciate yourself in 2019. Appreciate your time, your own company, and yourself enough not to welcome bad people into your life.

Estimate yourself enough to run away from anything that does not make you happy. Estimate yourself enough to put your luck above everything else.

Just as you were kind to others, this year, learn to be kind to yourself as well.

May this year be your year. May you do all the things you wanted to do, but never found the courage to do them.

May this year be the year when you finally become the person you always wanted to be. Find confidence in yourself this year to trust the timing of your life.

May this be a year in which you achieve all of your goals by making the desired career and finding the partner you deserve.

But learn to feel comfortable in your own skin and learn not to be afraid of waking up alone.

May this year be the year in which you hug your life, travel to all the unknown places you’ve always wanted to visit, take as many photos as you want, meet as many new people as you can, tell all your old friends how much you love her and breathe.

May 2019 only be about you. Start writing a new chapter in your life, just with people you love.

May it be in the place that you love most, and may a new smile appear on your face every day.

May this year be without fear and depression. Instead of hating the morning, learn to look forward to the new day and all the adventures you will experience.

Instead of having tachycardia and running out of a crowded room, learn to search the room and find a friendly face to talk to.

May this year finally be the year in which you decide to be selfish, in which you decide to invest in yourself, in which you grow and learn to love yourself.

Stop satisfying yourself this year and learn to reach for the stars. Start dreaming and approach your dreams. Be diligent, but be good to yourself too.

May this year be the year that will turn your world upside down – but for the better.

May this finally be a year in which you will find out what it is, what you want to earn, and in which you will learn to value yourself more.

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