Crash diet: Can I lose weight permanently?

Posted: October 26, 2018 by XPOFeed

A crash diet often promises heavy weight loss in just a few days. But does that really work? And does not the lost weight actually come back?

Five kilos in a week – a crash diet usually promises to be slim in no time at all. But what can lightning diets really do for our figure?

What is a crash diet?

In a crash diet, it is usually about losing as many kilos in as short a time as possible. Often these are monodic diets (eg rice diet , pineapple diet, potato diet or cabbage soup diet) , in which a food is the focus of nutrition and only a little may be eaten. A crash diet is usually recommended over a period of one week.

What brings a crash diet while losing weight?

The simple truth is that a lightning diet usually does not bring much to lose weight – at least not in the long run. If you stick to the diet, you’re likely to lose weight fast, but the least part of weight loss is really body fat. What is lost in such diets much more, are water retention and muscle mass. In turn, we also lose vital protein.

Advantages of lightning diets

  • Fast weight loss
  • Application only in a short time
  • Mostly fruits and vegetables are eaten

Crash Diets: Why You Should Avoid Them

A crash diet is just a temporary diet change that’s not designed to last long (unlike, for example, our weight loss tips !). But that’s exactly where the problem lies: as soon as you give up the diet and eat normally again, the lost kilos will come back quickly.

Disadvantages of lightning diets

  • Frequent JoJo effect
  • Unilateral diet (deficiency symptoms may occur)
  • Hard to sustain by monotony
  • General feeling of hunger
  • Frequently cravings

For whom are such diets suitable?

Nevertheless, you absolutely do not have to put a damn on crash diets – if you just want to lose a few pounds before you go to vacation to have the perfect bikini figure , you can definitely try it for a few days. Under medical supervision, if it is diversified, it is also applicable to people with obesity.

Because a lightning diet can have quite health benefits for the body – research shows, for example, that an unhealthy high blood sugar level can be lowered quickly in such a diet.

Incidentally, here’s how we tell you how losing weight works without hunger and losing weight without sports – so you do not even have to rely on a crash diet!

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