Here The Buddha helps you to improve your relationship

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Here The Buddha helps you to improve your relationship

Bella, we would all be as wise as Buddha . His life principles are so simple which show us the way to a happy relationship.

You do not have to be a devout Buddhist to realize that Buddha wisdom hits the nail on the head. Because they show us what is really important in life – and what we should focus on. So too in love. We should take these sayings to heart more often.

“It’s no good being a good person if you do not do anything”

What we can draw from this: Whoever does not invest anything in the relationship and stops working on it again and again, eventually ends up in a love impasse.

We should ask ourselves more often: what can I do today for my partnership? A small gift, a trip, a favor? There are so many possibilities!

Buddha Says That  :


“Blessed is the man who lives in peace with himself”

Means for the relationship: Who is with himself in the well, which transfers no grudge on the friend.

 For partnership problems, we should therefore always start with us first: What inner conflicts are we dragging around with us?

“No matter how arduous yesterday was, you can always start again today.”

Relationship crisis through? Then it’s time to forgive and forget. Only then will we have the strength and the sense to make the future better for us.

“Every day is a good day”

We should also establish this way of thinking in our relationship. Because with a healthy optimism not only disputes and crises can be mastered better – you also experience a much better time together.

Here The Buddha helps you to improve your relationship

“All the happiness of this world comes from the desire that others may be happy”

Does not mean that we should put the partner on a pedestal. From time to time we should ask ourselves: How can I make the other happy? To bring even small sacrifices for the partner – that is simply the love of it.

Best Secret of Happiness According to Buddha :

“There is no way to happiness, to be happy is the way”

According to Buddha It makes no sense to imagine how happy you would be if you only had the house, the well-paid job or a child. The art of being happy is to live NOW and to be content NOW. Happiness simply can not be planned ahead.

“A sweet word often refreshes more than water and shadow”

According to Buddha :

“A sweet compliment, a romantic expression of love or consoling words – often it is the little gestures that keep love alive.”

Here The Buddha helps you to improve your relationship


“Just as the field is spoiled by weeds, man is corrupted by his greed.”

As in so many areas of life, the same applies in love: we should look more often at what we have and not at what we do not have. Therefore focus on the good side of the partner rather than his mistakes.

“Holding on to his anger is like picking up a burning coal to throw at someone, you’re the one who burns himself.”

Buddha Says :To be angry with him after a fight for days? This mostly overcomes ourselves. Especially for minor quarrels, we should therefore learn to jump over our shadow faster and say: Okay, I forgive you!

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