Bleached Brows: Is this the new eyebrow trend in 2019?

Posted: December 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

Last year everyone wanted to get their eyebrows tattooed – and in 2019 should we bleach them ?! We’ll tell you if Bleached Brows really are THE new trend.


At least since the last three years we know: eyebrows are important. For some more, for others less. Since Micro blading and Brow contouring Everyday and Insta-Brows are known to everyone, our brows have finally regained the attention they deserve. But now there should be a new eyebrow trend. At least when it comes to designer Alexander Wang.

Bleached Brows on the catwalk

Contrary to expectations, the designer at his fall 2019 show on the catwalk shows models with very unusual eyebrows. More precisely, they are barely seen because they are bleached. The blond, almost white hair, can be discovered only on closer inspection. Granted, everyone looks guaranteed twice with this look. But let’s face it, do we even want that? 

That blonde women have blonde eyebrows is sort of logical, but brunettes with white eyebrows? No thanks! The look of the models is almost reminiscent of a crazy horror movie. No matter which model we look at – each of them just looks grim with their light eyebrows. Maybe they were too. Because their eyebrows were bleached, for example. We are sure that it will not be suitable for everyday use, and that’s a good thing.

This is going to be a trend in 2019

Apart from the color, the models in Alexander Wang also carry a really wearable trend: Natural Brows. Bushy, wild and natural. Because only then do we want to see our eyebrows in 2019. Incidentally, we are not alone with that. Beauty influencer and founder of Huda Beauty, Huda Katan, says in an interview with Brigitte:


We will not see any 90s eyebrows anymore, but pretty untamed brows. The Instagram brows will disappear. There is a difference between social media beauty and catwalk beauty. I think social media beauty will ultimately always prevail because we have it in everyone’s mind. 

In the end, what counts is what you want. Because if there is a big trend for 2019 – and not only in terms of eyebrows, then it is individual and easy to be yourself. 

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