Bikini figure: Our best last minute tips

Posted: October 27, 2018 by XPOFeed

Your bikini figure do not like it yet, although the holiday is just around the corner? No problem – our last-minute tips will help you to tighten your body in a short time.

Hand on the heart: One hundred percent are satisfied, probably the least women with their bodies and drag themselves through different diets. But while we can hide in the winter under wide cuddly sweaters and scarves, you can see at the latest summer vacation in bikini every excess kilo on the stomach. Of course we can of course do not care – but who wants to work on his bikini figure at short notice, gets the best tips here.

Bikini figure in a hurry

For the last-minute beach figure, with whom we can wear all bikinis and feel well in our skin , we can not afford to miss a bit of fitness plus diet. With these tips you can tighten your body and put your figure in the limelight:

1. Use in the diet on protein

No one needs to lose weight on carbohydrates. But it helps to eliminate them in the evening and replace them with protein from lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, salad and dairy products. Protein fuels the metabolism and thus the burning of fat, as well as it lasts for a long time. Incidentally, you should not have dinner much later than 6 pm.

2. Stop eating breaks

In order for the metabolism to work optimally, we should eat a main meal three times a day and take at least three hours break in between. Because those who constantly snack, drives the insulin levels again and again – this is unhealthy on the one hand and prevents the other, that the body of his fat reserves consumed. If in between the unrestrained hunger torments, eat best a few vegetable sticks or a boiled egg – that pollutes the body the least.

3. Drink enough

You can not say it often enough – drink at least two liters a day, the more, the better. Water not only saturates and dispels hunger, it also pushes your metabolism.

4. Train at the limit to get fit

A good workout is one where you are really exhausted at least the last two reps of an exercise. For a flat stomach, taut thighs without cellulite and thus the perfect bikini figure is the so-called High Intensity Training, in which various body parts are claimed in recurring exercises. At best, you’ll complete your workout every two days for the last-minute beach figure.

5. Take every chance to move

In addition to the daily short workout, we should take every opportunity to move. Take each staircase and perhaps get off the train one stop earlier on your way home and walk the rest on foot. This brings your short-term beach figure within reach!

You have a little more time? Then we explain how losing weight without exercise and losing weight works without hunger and also tell you our best weight loss tips .

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