Beauty Trend Fingernail Tattoo: is this the new way of manicure?

Posted: December 18, 2018 by XPOFeed

Paint nails, remove nail polish and then again from the beginning. You have enough of it and with gel nail polish and shellac are you through? Then the nail tattoo trend may be just right for you!

Tattoos of any kind at the most diverse parts of the body are for many everyday companions and absolutely nothing new anymore. No matter where, no matter what – everything is possible. Meanwhile, we can even get our nails tattooed. This method is not quite as common yet – but currently something of the trend! And no, it’s not about adhesive tattoos. We show what’s behind the nail tattoo and why this bizarre variation may be an alternative to long-lasting nail design.

That’s behind the trend

Tattoos for the nails, you can now get stabbed by more and more tattoo artists. Sounds a bit strange at first, but can look really pretty in the end result. But the nail tattoo is not only something for all lancet-trained. Even for beginners, the method is great! Because it is not a normal tattoo.’

This is namely on the nail pricked – and really only on the nail. The skin underneath remains untouched. So the tattoo is not forever, but still long lasting. Depending on how fast or slow your nails grow, so does the tattoo. So finish with constant painting.

There is no pain

If you are thinking of pain right now, we can reassure you, because the procedure is not supposed to hurt! After all, the skin is not affected at all. Sounds so much better than expected and seems to be a good alternative to sticky tattoos and 0815 nail designs.

A nail tattoo should be well considered

As nice as the trend on photos looks like, if you decide to nail a tattoo, you should be aware of the following: The tattoo studio should be well chosen. It is best if you know people who have already had positive experiences with this. Blurred lines and characters make the tattoo look blurry and make it look anything but filigree. Of course it can happen that the needle is too deep. And then the tattoo will not grow properly anymore. So: Be sure that you are with a professional tattoo artist who has enough experience in this field. So you avoid unpleasant experiences.

Inspirations for your next nail tattoo

Which motive should be engraved, you can of course choose freely. Whether it’s a sign that’s important to you, initials, short words, or simply a design or pattern that you think is cute, here’s some inspirations for you.

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