Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Does It Really Works

Posted: October 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

In the apple cider vinegar diet, we drink a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar before each meal to boost our fat burning. Can this work?

How does the apple cider vinegar diet work?

The apple cider vinegar diet does not quite live up to its name: anyone who thinks he has to sip apple cider vinegar, just like a cabbage soup diet , is wrong.

There is no such thing as a closed cider vinegar diet plan, only a reduced calorie intake (about 1200-1400 calories a day), lots of exercise, low fat and lots of fruits and vegetables: proven diet plans that, like the XpoFeed , designed.

The instructions differ, but it is recommended to drink a glass of cider vinegar about 15 minutes before each meal during an apple cider vinegar diet . The apple cider vinegar is diluted with water and sweetened with honey as desired. Because of its high acidity, apple cider vinegar should never be drunk undiluted!

The apple cider vinegar diet: losing weight with the potion

Apple cider vinegar is supposed to

  • boost our digestion.
  • promote fat burning.
  • regulate our blood sugar levels and thereby reduce the risk of food cravings during a diet.
  • help with the detoxification , which is why it is often used in fasting and detoxification .

What makes apple cider vinegar so valuable?

Apple cider vinegar provides our body with valuable minerals such as potassium and magnesium, many vitamins and trace elements. Thanks to the fiber, apple cider vinegar is great for our digestion and can help against flatulence or constipation – so the advocates of the apple cider vinegar diet.

Can apple cider vinegar really help you lose weight?

Unequivocal scientific evidence that we lose weight faster thanks to apple cider vinegar and benefit from an increased nutrient supply, unfortunately, there is not. The success of this diet is more due to the reduced calorie intake, as the apple cider vinegar. Only those who permanently change their diet and exercise more can lose weight. The apple cider vinegar diet alone does not bring any success.

According to the Nutrition Society , however, it may be that vinegar in people who have too little stomach acid, reduces the feeling of fullness . Also, drinking cider vinegar may prevent acidification in the body: acetic acid is metabolized into carbon dioxide and water, and the residual minerals of apple cider vinegar have an alkaline effect. Verified is that vinegar stops the growth of bacteria and is therefore a proven preservative.

Conclusion: If you take apple cider vinegar, it certainly does not do anything wrong. In case of doubt, however, we should always resort to the fresh apple – well-tried vitamin intake included. Not for nothing you say yes:

An apple a day keeps the doctor go away

Apple cider vinegar for skin and hair

One thing is certain: even if apple cider vinegar is not an insider tip for losing weight, it remains a popular home remedy!

Cleaner skin thanks to apple cider vinegar

For the skin, the acetic acid acts like an exfoliate – it stabilizes the pH and pulls the pores together. Of course, the acid is mixed with water. The more sensitive the skin type, the more liquid should be added to the home remedy. Apple cider vinegar also allegedly helps against pimples because it has anti-inflammatory effects. The affected area on the body is dabbed with a drizzled pad, so that the impurities dry out. Again, if the acid is too aggressive, mix the remedy with water.

Apple cider vinegar against dry scalp

As a popular home remedy , apple cider vinegar helps against dry , flaky scalp and the resulting itching. A dry scalp is often caused by shampoos or frequent hair washing, thereby changing the pH of the scalp. The acetic acid neutralizes this pH and ensures to remove residues of care products and to close the cuticle of the hair.

Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with a glass of water are the perfect conditioner . Simply put into the hair after washing and rinse thoroughly after three to five minutes. The vinegar stimulates the circulation and cleanses the glands of the scalp of the tallow, which decreases it. The effect of the treatment: beautiful, soft shiny hair. But beware: The regular washing with apple cider vinegar makes the hair slowly brighter.

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