Am I Beautiful? The 4 most common ways to find out

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The question “Am I Beautiful?” is not superficial, but human. Our author has been looking for answers in different ways – what came out, you read here.

Let’s face it: The question “Am I Beautiful?” We’ve been preoccupied with the body positivity movement and it’s also about the body-positivity movement. And “us” women, men, miscellaneous, boys and girls.

Sure,But that still does not deter very few from classifying potential sexual partners in leagues or wanting to know where they actually rank even in terms of beauty.


It does not stop me scrambling up when I’m on a date, and generally presenting myself as pretty as possible to the world at large.

So what’s up. Let’s take a systematic look at the question.

Am I Beautiful? Four possible solutions

There are at least four proven ways we can get an answer to that question:

  1. Other people ask.
  2. Look in the mirror.
  3. Compare us with others.
  4. Googling.

How helpful and effective the methods are in detail, we clarify now. (In the stars, we are aware of this …)

Am I Beautiful? That’s what the others say

Ask other people is always good anyway. Popular answers:

  • Friend or husband
  • BFF
  • sister
  • mummy
  • Experts |

Typical answers in the same order (partly from personal experience):


  • “For me you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” (Ideally also after the wedding …)
  • “If you’re wearing your blue denim and black blouse, you’re really hot.”
  • “Do not give a damn, you’re great the way you are.”
  • The people were always enchanted when I walked with you in a stroller, Mrs. Heineman even got a baby herself because of you. “

We can see that people can not be trusted. Others ask if we are pretty, we can confidently save ourselves in the future …

2. Am I beautiful? That brings the look in the mirror


Unfortunately, with the mirror, that’s also a thing. For example, my reflection on some days  (usually on Mondays) makes quite a passable impression on me .

Most of the time I think, “Wow, what two days sleep like that and enough time for exercise and cooking!” and I plan to sleep more during the week, that is, to go to bed earlier.

On Thursdays, when my dark circles hang up to my chin and my stomach is bloated due to the hormone stress in my body and looks like I’m in the 15th week, I prefer not to let my reflection on me, because I know exactly: It would only pull me down today and unsettle me .

Since I know dozens of people alone, who are similar to me, I conclude: Also the mirror image is not a particularly credible referee in terms of beauty rating , at least not for everyone.

3. Am I Beautiful? That’s good for the comparison

The most important thing first: The comparison is the little sister of negation and I strongly advise against it. Because what do we get when we find that we are pretty or ugly, fat or thin compared to someone else? And to whom do we have to measure ourselves in order to come to an absolute answer?

Sure, we can refer to Angelina Julie or the cover girls of “Sports Illustrated” or “Playboy”, but firstly we know how to edit, gloss over and sell photos accordingly, and secondly, ideals of beauty are zero trustworthy if we really want to know if we are Beautiful.

Because in the 30’s quite different characteristics were considered more attractive than today, in Brazil, other qualities are more Beautiful than in Germany and ultimately person A feels a tingling sensation in his stomach as a person B.

We should continue to compare electricity prices, credit card conditions or deals on Amazon, but beauty is not.

4. Am I Beautiful? Google knows this advice

Since the old-school methods turned out to be the only big disappointment , only Google remains – and that answers the question we are concerned with, first with a counter question or with a series of counter questions: The search engine delivers the top result namely a test , in which we have to indicate, for example, how old we are, what color our skin is (no joke!) are as thick or muscular our arms and whether others find us more attractive or normal.


My official result : I’m 38 percent Beautiful, just like just under 78,000 other people who have done the quiz. Pretty bad, finds my obviously very vain self-confidence. No wonder that I’m so rarely addressed by hot guys and just no man by my side !

Am I Beautiful? An alternative approach

Of course, there are other ways to find out if we are Beautiful. But if the simple, obvious and practicable methods are not good enough, is not the question even to be answered unequivocally ?


It is about the search for love , truth and meaning . A search that every person in his life goes for, for whom we may all somehow live – and in the course of which everyone has found his own, individual love, truth and purpose.

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