After That, Your Zodiac Sign Is Addictive

After That, Your Zodiac Sign Is Addictive

Posted: January 28, 2019 by XPOFeed


Netflix could be your doom. Binge-watching is your favorite hobby. Once started with a new series, you are unstoppable. Take a break and do something with friends or read a good book!


You are addicted to sports! The gym is your second living room and without enough exercise, you just are not balanced. An addiction that many envy. But beware, you should not neglect your friends because of sport.


Good looks and style are for  this Zodiac Sign Leo, who likes to be the center of attention, everything. Your wardrobe is full of clothes. And no matter how empty the account already is, that does not stop you from glowing the credit card. You’re addicted to shopping !


Your addiction: The couch! You would like to spend every day with her. You’re a real lazybones and hard to motivate for outdoor activities . Defeat your inner bastard at last, because your friends are not there anymore.


Sagittarius are particularity . You just can not switch off and relax. An evening on the couch is a horror idea for you. You have to constantly experience something and you are always looking for exciting adventures.


The best is not good enough for you! You love expensive designer outfits , buy only top brands and go out to eat in the city’s most expensive restaurants. But at the end of the month, that will quickly doom you, because you live above your circumstances and have zero control over your finances.


Libra are absolutely in harmony. Being alone is the absolute nightmare for you. You are addicted to relationships . You always need someone at your side and when you’re in love, you become a staple monkey. Be careful not to destroy your relationships by doing so.


Capricorns pay constant attention to their figure. There is no diet that you have not tried yet. Nutrition is very important to you and you deal with what you eat every day. But please everything with measure and goal. An unhealthy attitude to food can quickly become dangerous.


Pisces are addicted to attention! If something is not going the way you intended, then you can become the right drama queen and get everyone’s attention. But do not drive it too far, it’s already broke many a friendship.


For Gemini, Digital Detox is hot – they’re addicted to Instagram & Co. You can not go anywhere without your phone, and you’ll get really nervous as your battery runs out.


Your problem: the jealousy . You control your partner’s cell phone and become a super jealous fury on the smallest detail. And not only that: once you’re rejected, you’re in real danger of becoming a stalker.


Candy Crush, Farmville and Co – you have these games apps all on your phone. Aquarians are prone to gambling addiction . As long as it is just harmless mobile games, everything is still fine. It gets dangerous if you regularly hang on gaming sites or in the casino and play for money!


After That, Your Zodiac Sign Is Addictive

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