7 Surprising Beauty Hacks With Vaseline

Posted: December 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

Yeah, now everyone is thinking about sex again. But that’s not what it is all about here. At least not in the first place.from Theresa King

It has so many advantages: Vaseline is cheap, it is available in virtually every drugstore and in almost every supermarket – and above all, you can do a lot of very useful things with it. For example, mute squeaking door frames, impregnate leather shoes or make slippery zippers elastic again. However, Vaseline is not only a 1A household helper, but above all a real beauty all-rounder and not just as Lipbalm (we all know that already!):

1. Bring eyebrows into shape. Special eyebrow gel? Of course you can buy. But you do not have to, if you have the good old Vaseline in the house. Brush in shape, work in, finish.

2. Paint nails perfectly . We know that: the paint does not always want to work the way we want. But if you dab some Vaseline around the suture, it ends up exactly where it should go – and not next to it. 

3. Perfect the pedicure easy overnight. Cream your feet thickly, put cuddly socks over them and into the bunk. The next day, the mauves are certainly silky smooth, without any luxury foot cream or excessive effort. By the way, it also works for knees and elbows.

4. Extend scent . Your favorite perfume always somehow vanishes after two hours at the latest? Simply apply Vaseline to neck, décolletage or wrists before spraying, the greasy layer will store the fragrance molecules and you’ll smell twice as long.

5. Style your hair and make it smoother . For long hair, the miracle petroleum jelly comes in the tips that look so less dry, with short in the neck instead of gel. Does it look greasy? Only if you reach too deep into the can. 



6. Soften crow’s feet . It should really help against annoying wrinkles, dabbing Vaseline around the eyes. Is it true? At least we would give it a try. Does not cost anything much. In addition, it should also have a positive effect on dark circles. 

7. Shine with the glow. Highlighter nice and good – pretty, shiny cheeks go but also different: With a touch Vaseline on the upper cheekbones namely. It not only shines, but also cares for it. 

(8.) Let it slip during sex . So that the erotic factor is not neglected here (and because we have indicated it above), Vaseline can of course be used as a lubricant. That’s not surprising, but maybe a suggestion at the very end. Only applies to traffic without a condom. What does this have to do with beauty? Sex makes you happy and healthy – and therefore nice too. 

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