7 Helpful tricks with the make-up sponge

Posted: December 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

Beautyblender, Silisponge and Co., we can barely think away from the bathroom. These seven tricks with the sponge will make your beauty routine a lot easier!


1.) In winter, moisten with warm water, in summer with cold water

Before we use the make-up sponge  , we should moisten it. In winter, where we work with thicker and covering textures, the sponge should be drizzled with warm water. In summer you can refresh yourself with cold water.

2.) Tap the sponge on your face

Instead of rubbing the beautyblender on his forehead, nose and chin, the foundation taps gently. So the makeup stays better and more evenly cling to the face.

3.) Place your sponge on the packaging to dry

As we learned from the first point, the sponge should be moistened to be effective. It should be dried well after use so that it does not remain moist and moldy at the end. Use the packaging of the Beauty blender. Put the sponge on the packaging. Already he can dry well until the next use.


4.) In dry condition, the sponge can also well distribute rouge and loose powder

Did you know that you can use your make-up sponge even when dry? For example, loose powder can be perfectly incorporated as a finish. Cream rouge you get better spread on your cheeks.

5.) Cut the make-up sponge into two parts

You would like to use your beautyblender for concealer, contouring and highlighting? Then cut the sponge into small pieces so you can use it for different textures and textures.


6.) Dab, two drops of a facial oil on the sponge

The mega-trick par excellence: Instilled, two drops of a facial oil on your sponge. So the make-up Sponge does not soak up with an excessive amount of foundation or concealer and gives your face a great glow right away.

7.) Make-up never comes directly to the sponge

Never put your make-up directly on the sponge, otherwise it will absorb too much of it. If you do not have any oil (point 6) on hand, then pump some Foundation and Co. on the back of your hand. So the warmed makeup can be better absorbed by the sponge and it does not come too much on your face.

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