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A woman does not need a man to heal her, but let’s be honest – he can actually help us overcome what we had to go through in a matter of months, which is probably half the time we would have needed if we did would have gone through everything alone.

But how can we be sure that he will not hurt us like any other man?

What are the characteristics of the man who can actually help us heal rather than make it harder?

We can not always be 100% sure, but there are a few features that these special types of men all have in common.

1. understanding

Is there anything better than having a man sympathetic and not condemning what you went through?

A man who can help you heal will be the man with whom you can talk about your past, about yourself and your bruises without you feeling guilty, and he will understand you Time alone and that you need time in general.

I mean, you can not get over what happened to you overnight, and it’s a long process that he’s willing to go along with you. He understands you.

2. He is ready to change for you

That does not mean that you change your personality, but that you are willing to compromise.

He does not want you to walk and / or walk when you’re not in the mood, so he stays with you and makes you tea to see some great shows together.

He is willing to give up the things he loves, whether you ask him or not, just because he wants you to see that he is open-minded enough to do all these things for you.

3. Loyalty

It’s the most important attribute for any relationship, but if you let it help you heal, then loyalty is even more important than usual.

You want a guy who can assure you that you’re good enough for him (because you’re even more than that), you want him to show you that you’re more than good enough and that you’re undoubtedly at the heart of his life Attention stand.

Remember, a cheater can never help you to heal, because he will make you suffer more.


4. Safety

If you want him to help you heal, then you need someone who is safe for himself, but also for you.

You need someone to go to, when your thoughts play wildly and when your heart can not be calm.

This is the moment when you will know if he is actually loving and caring. Is not safety the most important thing in love?

If you can feel confident enough to show each little piece of yourself to someone?

5. Protection

Women are naturally meek and that’s why it’s nice when a man can be protective of us if we can not handle the world on our own.

A man who can help you to heal is certainly a man you can rely on, that he will be there and protect you from other men (including your ex) and from yourself.


6. Empathy

If you do not have compassion, you are actually a psychopath. So why would you want a man who shows no compassion?

If your husband can help a sick animal, a helpless old lady, or feels so attached to you that he feels your pain the way you do, then he’s definitely the one.

7. Unconditional love

If your husband loves you unconditionally, you will know that nothing bad can happen to both of you that could make him leave you.

He loves you unconditionally and lets you believe in love again – this is the man who will help you to heal.

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