6 Workout That Burn The Most Calories

The 6 Workouts That Burn The Most Calories

Posted: October 31, 2018 by XPOFeed

Training is synonymous with hard work for most people – but it does not have to be that way. Here are 6 workouts that consume the most calories, yet are as easy as pie.


The rowing machine is a wonderful fitness machine that promises good results relatively quickly. The steady rudder movement ensures a joint-sparing whole-body workout, which claims various muscle parts of the arms, the abdomen and the legs.

Rowing not only stimulates the burning of fat, but also increases the condition. The next time you go to the gym, it should try – and row 1000 meters. Burned kilocalories : 200 to 250.


For those who do not feel well off fitness equipment, swimming is a great way to burn fat and is ideal for beginner or returnees. It is gentle on the joints, which results from the properties of the water, and strengthens endurance. In the optimal case, a training session lasts at least 30 minutes, during which the body burns up to 350 kilocalories.

Versa climber

The VersaClimber is often overlooked in the gym, while this stepper with climbing function is ideal for the whole body workout.

Just 20 minutes are enough for effective whole body and cardiovascular training. Not only muscle growth and metabolism are boosted, but also the burning of fat. In a 30-minute workout with the exercise machine you lose between 300 and 350 kilocalories.

Stair mill

The training device Stair mill, also known as Step master and Step mill, is still a rarity in Germany. Anyone who has such a cardio machine, which is modeled after an escalator, in his gym should absolutely try it out.

Climbing stairs is a true calorie killer – training calves, butt and thighs. The workout increases the heart rate, which stimulates the metabolism and fat burning. Calories consumed in a 30-minute workout: 250-300.


Ever heard of the kettlebell ? Then it’s high time, because with the Kettlebell almost all arm, shoulder and upper body muscles can be trained. During a workout with the handy dumbbell you train several components: strength and endurance, heart and circulation, agility, coordination and speed. The best part: in 30 minutes between 300 and 350 calories tumble.


Pure hanging is worth it – in the truest sense of the word: In TRX training, you hang yourself in the loops of a fixed object and work with your own body weight. To train error-free, it requires a permanent basic tension in the body, so that the deep muscles is addressed.

Above all, TRX exercises bring you strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility, and require body awareness. Around 200 to 250 kilocalories are consumed in a 30-minute workout.

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