6 facts that helps happy couples shares happily life

Posted: January 23, 2019 by XPOFeed

In a relationship, it does not always have to be big, romantic gestures to prove one’s love to another. Even with little things we can show how much we are together.

Every relationship has its own laws and works in its own way (or not …). But, as a rule, happy partnerships have one thing in common: above all, it is quiet gestures and the little things in everyday life that make them so healthy, stable and balanced. Just to name a few examples …

Little things that happy couples do for each other without talking about it

1. Worry.

“Are you already landed? How are you coming home?”, “Monday almost done 😘 “, “I’m thinking of you”, “Drive carefully!” , For happy couples, it goes without saying that they care about their partner, and they show it to them. Be it the WhatsApp for lunch break, the welcome message on the mailbox or the little reminder to say goodbye. Who is important to us, we think about that – always.

2. Share.

Whether it be apples, luck, problems or time, happy couples have no problem making a “mine” or “your” an “our”. They can share material things just as easily and naturally as their feelings and thoughts. Why? Because they know that the partner respects their boundaries and their identity and therefore they do not have to worry about their freedom.

3. compliments.

“It’s amazing how you can do it!”, “You look so beautiful!”, “Great that you told your colleague your opinion!” , Happy couples feel admiration for the partner, in their eyes he is more beautiful and lovable than anyone else (otherwise they would not be with him). Why should not you just tell him that clearly on every possible occasion?

4. Make a pleasure.

Cooking your favorite food, giving it away without a hitch or repairing your bike – happy couples surprise each other with trifles, just to make each other happy. It’s not about earning points or having a good one. In balanced relationships, no one has to keep track of who does what for the other, because it is natural for both sides to do something good to the other person whenever possible or important.

5. Please and say thank you.

“Will you please bring my yogurt with me?”, “Thank you for watching the fantasy movie with me!”, “Dear, that you are worried about me!”  Although it is natural for happy couples to do the other favor, to care for him, etc., they just do not presuppose these trivialities with the other. Instead, they treat each other appreciatively and reward what the other person does for them.

6. “I love you!” say.

Happy couples do not just show each other, they also tell each other that they love each other. They are not afraid that the words, if they say them too often, lose their meaning – because they would never doubt their feelings themselves.

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