5 things every Couples Should Experience n their first year

Posted: October 29, 2018 by XPOFeed


Life is Too Short Therefore Love & Live

Make Your Couples Strong’s It’s Matter Seriously

To turn love into love, it is good to have mastered a few things together in the first year. We have some suggestions for you.

1. A dispute with reconciliation

When, after the first exciting time, the hormones come to rest again, the conflicts for Couples  are in a relationship.

It is good if one then argues sometimes. Not because a quarrel strengthens a relationship.

The deciding factor is reconciliation.

 Can two people reconcile each other after a conflict ? Can both forgive and / or admit complicity? That says a lot about whether a relationship has a future.


2. A holiday together As a Couples

No matter where the journey goes, on holiday, a Couples usually sits together 24 hours a day.


This time is relentlessly open. You can not look perfect all the time, or run away if you do not like something.


It’s a test of two points:

1. Does the other love me the way I am? 

2.How close and distance do I need? Who comes back happy after the holiday has survived. Then it fits.

3. Get to know the family When Becomes Couples

The family can not be chosen, but it belongs to a human being. 


Much of what makes up the other person – how he reacts to situations, what pain and what dependencies he carries – depends on this person. So if you are seriously interested in your partner, visit the family with him.

It is an important milestone in answering the questions “Who are you?” and “Do we fit together?”.

4. Confess feelings For Couples

It does not have to be marriage plans, but a confession would not be bad. This at least clarifies the question of whether the other is just a nice pastime or whether one hopes the relationship more.

Of course, nobody should press for it. It does not matter for Couples to say “I love you”, but it would be nice if the other honestly communicates his feelings.

So how does he imagine the future? Is he afraid of closeness? Or does he miss closeness? What does he need from the other?


Openness creates trust and trust is the foundation of love.

5. Foreigners Couples

We do not want to animate anyone here to cheat, but such a little flirtation reveals a lot.


How jealous the other / man is.


1. Above all, can one live with it?

2. is it something that you should clarify or can not clarify?


 Fear of loss & Jealousy are important issues for Couples in a relationship that should be talked about as openly as possible.


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