5 relationship mistakes we should have made by 30

Posted: December 11, 2018 by XPOFeed

Did not we all make a few mistakes in our first relationship-walking attempts that we would not do today? Luckily – otherwise we would not be so smart now!

Being in love the first time , the first kiss of the tongue , the first friend, the first true love (or at least what we thought …) – every woman has their own memories of that. But for almost everyone, they trigger both positive and negative feelings.

After all, in addition to all the exciting and beautiful things that we associate with our first partnerships and partners, we all did a lot of what we regretted afterwards – and for that very reason would not do any more today. Just to name a few examples …

5 relationship mistakes that almost all times have (should)

1. brackets

Constantly talking to him, wanting to do everything with him and getting the crisis , if he does not report a day – classic! And a very obvious result, combining uncertainty and self-doubt with great love and loss anxiety.

2. Purposefully make him jealous

Conspicuously inconspicuous flirting with someone else and have only eyes for how the man next to us always restless and annoyed – those were still times! When we could not think of anything better to assure us of his love and get his attention …

3. Dancing to his tune

If he desperately wants sex, he just gets sex. He finds our favorite sweater unsexy? Put it in the trash! And we think it’s great to watch football with his buddies. Oh dear, we have shown a lot of capacity for suffering. But what’s up ?! All people have to be self-confident and authentic finally learn. For this we can stand up for us and our wishes today and know that this is what makes us his dream woman .

4. Stalking

Secretly check his cell phone and browse his private stuff – well, nobody is really proud of that, of course. But at the beginning of every relationship career there is learning to accept limits, to leave room for others and to become more secure and independent …

5. Try to change it

If he just does his hair a bit differently, gets more sensitive and eventually discovers his weakness for drama series, then yes, he is my dream man and we fit together perfectly! Hm, yes, we think in part even today. But luckily we do not try to turn him into someone he is not. Not because we are less idealistic today than we used to be. But because we have now learned to love the imperfect and the imperfect. At others – and at ourselves.

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