5 Relationship Crises that each long-term couple knows

Posted: October 27, 2018 by XPOFeed

It’s not always easy with love. And in the course of a relationship, you have to overcome some Relationship Crises. These five are typical of long-term pairs.

Of course, it can not always be pink in the relationship. And just when you’ve been together for a couple of years, the problems are piling up. Hand on the heart, dear long-term couples: Have not you all ever argued about these things?

1. Different life planning

Clearly, who wants to spend his life together, must have similar ideas about the future. It is quite normal that the life plans of two people are not exactly the same. Whether child, house building or stay abroad – many things have to be negotiated . There are not enough small and big arguments. It is important to talk about the future in good time and not to ignore big differences in life planning. Otherwise, the Relationship Crises usually ends in a dead end.

2. Problems in the job

Salary, stress, vacation planning, transfer … The job offers plenty of opportunities for disputes. And there are times when you get the feeling that he literally lays over the relationship like a gray veil .

Here, too, is to tell the partner. What moves me? What goals do I have? What am I dissatisfied with? Together you can find a solution faster!

3. Jealousy

If another woman or another man in the game, it gets particularly explosive.

Whether you accuse the partner of just a fleeting flirt or a one-night stand – almost every couple has ever quarreled over jealousy.

It is important to research the cause: Is there a real reason for mistrust or is it due to the lack of self-esteem? In the second case, the first step is to admit: Yes, the problem is mine.

Then you can find ways to work on self-confidence. If the partner is indeed a stranger, the Relationship Crises is probably facing the biggest challenge that exists …

4. Quarrel with the parents-in-law

Very difficult topic! Because no matter who is right in the Relationship Crises matter – the partner is always between two fronts. Making sure the relationship does not get scratched is a real challenge. The decisive factor is not to settle the disputes on the back of the partner , but to deal directly with the conflict person. And if there is no solution, one should consciously avoid encounters with the in-laws and thus new quarrels.

5. Zoff because of the apartment

Sounds like a little something. It usually stays that way. However, disputes about the apartment can also degenerate and put the Relationship Crises to the test longer. Money, move, set up, trouble with the landlord … Phew, it can really pop.


The recipe for housing conflicts are usually compromises – provided both partners are ready.

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