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5: 2 Diet: Weight Loss On A Part-time Basis

Posted: October 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

Behind the 5: 2 diet is a simple weight loss strategy: feast for five days and fast the rest of the week. Can this work?


Slimming with a 5: 2 diet without the yo-yo effect

Customer success without JoJo effect and a faster tapping of fat deposits – that promises the 5: 2 diet. A simple weight loss strategy that allows you to eat what you want for five days and then follow two fast days.

The important thing is that the fast days do not follow each other directly. Because: The longer one withholds the body the usual amount of food, the greater the risk of food cravings.

The 5: 2 diet in practice

On these days, only 500 calories are allowed for women and 600 kilo calories for men. In concrete terms, this means 250 grams of lean, protein-containing foods , such as fish , poultry , quark or tofu. There are 500 grams of vegetables and fruits . Three meals you can not do it, most of them fail breakfast or dinner.

On fasting day is dispensed with carbohydrates . So no pasta, bread, rice, potatoes or pastries in general. The same applies to sugary foods. Also forbidden are soft drinks, instead there is unsweetened tea, coffee and water. Snacks are not allowed on the fasting days.

Through the rigorous days of diet cravings for snacks should disappear forever. On the remaining five days is allowed, what tastes. Feasting is therefore allowed!

Advantages and disadvantages of the 5: 2 diet

The idea behind the 5: 2 diet is quite simple: The body needs fasting days to regenerate, and to reduce its fat reserves over the long term . The waiver of certain foods is manageable through the diet days.

Since the participants only have to be strong for two days, it should be much easier to keep up. The program is therefore also praised as particularly suitable for everyday use, because you can lay down the fast days at your own discretion. The diet is designed to attack the fat reserves, stabilize the sugar metabolism , lower the cholesterol levels and even protect against long-term illnesses such as dementia.

So far, however, knowledge about long-term consequences of the 5: 2 diet is missing. Initial studies have shown blood lipids, cholesterol and blood pressure are decreasing, diabetics are stabilizing the insulin budget, and pain patients are reporting improvement.

Studies have also shown that women lose on average 0.5 kilograms per week, men a little more. If you want to tackle the 5: 2 diet, you should still consider possible side effects such as tiredness , difficulty concentrating and mood swings .

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