3 Zodiac Signs, Which In 2019 Come Together Again With An Old Flame

Posted: December 31, 2018 by XPOFeed

2019 will definitely be a year full of changes and surprises for many people. For some, this may mean trying new things and experiencing new experiences. For others, it can also mean a return to already known – and a (formerly beloved) person. Whether or not these second chances in relation to a relationship succeed is another story. It may work or not. One thing is certain: It will require a lot of emotional strength and mental strength. Difficult separations have gone through many of us, the emotional effects of a separation can be enormous. In the following three zodiac signs, however , the chances of a second attempt in the coming year are particularly high.

Three Zodiac signs, which could come together again in 2019 with an ex

  • Cancer

As a cancer, you are definitely looking for stability in your relationships. You are one of the most emotional and sensitive zodiac signs. If you get hurt, it may take a while for you to recover from it. But you are also a very patient and forgiving person, and therefore would welcome an ex more often with open arms back into your life. Prerequisite: He assures that he is changing.


  • Capricorn

As a Capricorn, you usually have a hard time talking about feelings. You’ve been through a lot in life and that’s why you’re a very serious person working hard on yourself. And that is very strict to yourself. But you’re sick of that in 2019 – you’re ready to show your weaknesses and open your heart. Therefore you are more open for a reunion with an ex. Prerequisite: You have to have full control.

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  • Pisces

You want to finally get rid of your emotional burden in 2019 and want to start over. You do not throw relationships away lightly. You’re ready to start from scratch and give things a second chance – even your ex.


3 Zodiac Signs Which In 2019 Come Together Again With An Old Flame

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