3 Things I Learned From My Aquarius Sister

Posted: January 13, 2019 by XPOFeed

From the sign of the zodiac, in which a human is born, one can learn a lot about his character. Actually, I was more and more an advocate of the “what nonsense” camp in terms of horoscopes. But actually, I’m an absolute cliche Leo myself. Honest, funny (yes, you can say that for yourself), generous, proud and quite aggressive. Although I would do anything for my little sister, she certainly did not always have it easy with me. While we are both similar in many traits, other characteristics are completely different. There are three things I learned from my sister that could be clearly attributed to her zodiac sign Aquarius .

1. serenity

My sister has always had something that I deeply admired: incredible silence about things that can not be changed. When I sent an embarrassing message from her cell phone to one of her friends for fun, she simply commented on it: “You’re so stupid” and did not even bother to put it right on the spot. On the other hand, I’ve been flipped out every time – and I really mean outraged, including screaming, crying, and weeks of nightmares. The same theater, when we were about to miss a flight, and I was in line for a hysterical binge before the security check, while my little sister calmly gave her “can not do anything” face. I’m 24 now and can handle situations I can not control

2. carelessness

My sister did an internship abroad when she was 21 years old. Sounds great. Unfortunately, she had not found a place to stay until the day she started work, so she just went there on good luck and hoped to stay until the evening. Alone at the thought of such an insecure, spontaneous and unfounded action, I get goose bumps all over my body. I probably would not have been able to sleep for days, in constant fear of having to live abroad under the bridge at the end. She, on the other hand, climbed into the bus, said, that’s it, she “had written a few people before anyway” – and threw off. In fact, my little sister had a great room in a nice apartment on the same day. Maybe you should just worry a little less – a bit.

3rd reason

As a Leo, one is typically very passionate and, unfortunately, quite irrational when it comes to love. Dramatic final scenes and hurt pride, which manifests itself in the angry news rain, is a bad idea. So while I seem incredibly impulsive and in hindsight slightly exaggerated, my little sister (!) Masters such situations with a calmness and wisdom that I probably will not achieve in two lifetimes. Reasonable and grown-up, she says goodbye to situations that are not good for her and also for those people. Pretty admirable, right?

So we can all certainly learn something from our siblings. With a few people you have as much in common as with them and honestly, nobody knows our good and bad qualities better. So, be nice and start appreciating your differences.


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