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1. It takes a damn long time to heal , because you can not avoid the consequences of the relationship with a narcissist. It is impossible to avoid the pain, and you know it, so you accept it.

2. Your self-esteem goes down the drain. You feel completely lost. After a narcissist finishes with you, you just feel like a piece of crap – unable to continue your life, unable to recognize yourself.

3. Before coming into your life, you were a normal girl, but after he is done with you, lose you your self-respect ; you lose your self-image.

4. You try to hide your pain. You try to hide the fact that everything touches you in this world, but you fail every time. You are extremely sensitive and can not hide it.

5. You feel invisible because it has convinced you that you are a nobody.

6. Your eyes tell the truth about how you feel. You can put on a false smile, but your eyes are full of sadness.

7. You no longer smile because you want it, but because you have to. You know that people are worried about you, so you’re smiling to reassure them. You have not smiled honestly for a long time. And that’s just a price to pay when dealing with a narcissist.22 FACTS FOR EMOTIONALLY ABUSED BY NARCISSISTS

8. You are careful. You do not want to talk about what happened. Building emotional walls around you is the only thing you can do to make you feel safe. You need protection, and right now you’re the only person who can do that.

9. Dating a narcissist is not without cost. You are depressed and anxiousall the time , and at the beginning you were not like that. That’s a side effect that you get when you’re in a toxic relationship.

10. You can not go through the healing process alone. Only the most honest friends will stay by your side during this time. Only people who really care about you will be your unqualified support. Accept her help; it will be easier.

11. You no longer believe in the goodness of people. Since you’ve fallen into his trap, you do not trust anyone. The only thing you see when you look around are people who want to hurt you. The only thing you see, he is, wherever you go.

12. You do not need to be sentenced. You know you made a mistake. All you need now is understanding and patience. The pain will not just disappear, and anyone who says, “Get it over with,” has no idea what you’re going through.

13. You still can not digest what happened to you. You still do not believe it. It all seems like a bad dream from which you will wake up every minute.

14. You need the recognition. You need encouragement. It’s hard to get out of the reality you’ve lived in for so long. It’s hard not to wait for something bad to happen. You’ve lived your life that way, and it’s impossible to press the reset button within a day or two.

15. You do not trust man. The person with whom you were most connected is the person who most disappointed you. Every time you meet someone, you are doubtful. Every time someone does something nice for you, you wait for the price you have to pay.


16. Right now you do not know how to love. You have bruises, and love is something that is so far removed from what you know. You are afraid to like someone, let alone that you actually feel love.

17. You try to avoid emotional suffering, so you apologize all the time. I’m sorry, even if you do not have to be sorry. When you are with a narcissist, all that you have to say is to keep you from being punished. You had to be the bad guy. You apologize for the slightest thing because you are still so insecure.

18. You hide your feelings because you are afraid that you will pay to feel something. The more you show your feelings in your relationship with a narcissist, the worse he treats you.

19. You are afraid of being attached, dependent or overly emotional. So you choose the easier way and build up your feelings. You keep everything for yourself.

20. One day you will want to be left alone with your thoughts, and the next day this loneliness will suffocate you. Your mood will change within a few hours .


22. You need someone who actually keeps the promises he gave you. You need someone to put you first after you’ve lived on the floor for so long. You have to be significant; you have to feel alive.21. You need someone who is there for you. Someone who convinces you that you will be fine. You’re a strong woman, at least you were once, but right now you need someone to protect you until you get back on your feet. Until you return to your old self.

22. Do not be scared. Under this fearful face hides a good girl. There is a girl who can love with all her heart. But now she is afraid. Help her by showing her that all bad things pass in the end. It only takes time. A lot of time.


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