2019 Trendy Facial Soaps Proves As Best For Skin

Posted: December 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

  1. What are facial soaps?
  2. How are the facial soaps made?
  3. For which skin type are facial soaps suitable?
The Koreans just know how to do it! They invented non woven cloth masks that quickly and effectively moisturize our skin. And thanks to the glass skin procedure, we enjoy every day over pore-deep clean skin and were finally able to say goodbye to pimplesAnd now the facial soaps come. What can they do? We’ll tell you! 

What are facial soaps?

The Koreans have been using facial soaps with vegetable oils for years, but they have been around here for a short time. For a long time persisted rumor that the lye of the soaps dried out the facial skin. But this myth has long been history. For more and more beauty brands jump on the train and develop great soaps for the face. Above all the label “Binu”, founded by Nami and Katharina. “  Something we had always lacked in the bathroom: a simple, 100% natural facial and body cleansing without tension after washing We tested other soaps and facial soaps, but could not find comparable quality,” say the school friends.

Nami is originally from Korea, where her family produces ecological beeswax candles in their own family business. Every time she visited her family, she also brought Katharina the latest beauty products from Korea, including a facial soap. Enthusiastic about the care result, Nami and Katharina finally founded their own beauty label “Binu” and still have their facial soaps crafted by hand in Korea. “We go back to proven remedies and true quality, and our ingredients, such as fine bamboo leaf powder and bamboo charcoal, are 100% natural,” explains Nami. “For the production of our soaps we rely on high-quality, antibacterial Hinoki water.”


How are the facial soaps made?

In addition to a great skin result, the products also protect the environment:“The soap from natural raw materials is easily broken down to mineralization. We are against animal testing and develop our soaps 100% cruelty-free, so our packaging is made of recyclable Materials, “the founders told us.

Sustainability is also the central theme of “Binu” soaps during production. The employees of the soap factory all live in the nearest village and are paid above the minimum wage. The facial soaps are produced in several steps in a cold process. Before they embark on their journey to Europe, the soaps mature and dry for five weeks. 


For which skin type are facial soaps suitable?

Since the soaps are completely free of irritating, synthetic preservatives, they are also suitable for particularly sensitive skin . The mild facial soaps gently cleanse the skin, moisturize and leave no feeling of tension. So whether you have sensitive, dry, normal or oily skin, the facial soaps are suitable for every skin type.

Even with the facial soaps, the Koreans have absolutely convinced us! A great alternative to all conventional body wash lotions, which not only protects the environment, because it dispenses with plastic packaging, but also works without any chemical additives.

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