15 steps confident women do in the relationship

Posted: January 23, 2019 by XPOFeed

With a healthy self-confidence, it definitely lives better and happier! But how does a good sense of self actually express itself in a relationship? We would know 15 points …

For most men and women, a dream woman has one thing above all else: self-confidence! No wonder, as it benefits both the partner and the relationship … or ?!

This is how self-confident women behave in relationships

1. You are loyal.

Self-confident women do not need affirmation from others (men) – and an affair does not irritate them. If they lack something in their relationship, they openly deal with it and do not compensate for it by cheating on their partner.

2. They try not to change their partner.

Self-confident women are at peace with themselves – despite their weaknesses and although they know that they are not rudimentary perfect. And they set the same standard as they do with their partner. He does not have to be perfect so they can love him – just be authentic .

3. They preserve their independence.

Self-confident women keep their own way, even if they are in a partnership. You remain an independent person with your own feelings, friends, interests and goals. Although their partner is their companion, for whom they compromise and sometimes make detours, but they never go into a dependency or betray their values ​​and dreams.

4. You are sensitive.

Self-confident women are attentive, compassionate and empathic. They are balanced and rest in themselves and are therefore open and sensitive to their fellow human beings – especially their partner.

5. You set and accept limits.

Self-confident women do not tolerate crossing borders – and understand their partner’s boundaries.

6. You are good listener.

Self-confident women are not constantly occupied with themselves and their problems. Therefore, they have the capacity to take care of their partner. Basically, they also see the life and experiences of others as an inspiration that enriches and advances them.

7. You openly address problems.

Confident women do not expect their partner to read their minds. They are not afraid to address problems or disagreements – after all, that’s the easiest and quickest way to solve them.

8. They insist on mutual respect.

Self-confident women respect their partner and demand the same from him. If someone treats them disrespectfully, this person is likely to be unsure of a relationship with a self-confident woman – and can be prepared to be single again soon …

9. They take time for their partner.

Self-confident women are there for their partner, that goes without saying. Of course, but only as long as it is reciprocal.

10. You do not bend to please him.

Self-confident women are loved for their sake. Obviously, anyone who requires them to conform to an ideal image does not appreciate them – and thus does not deserve them.

11. You are honest.

Self-confident women do not lie to their partner, at least not on a grand scale. They know that everything that goes on in their minds and concerns them has its meaning and needs to be taken seriously – so why should not they be open and honest with them?

12. Teach your partner how they want to be treated.

Self-confident women say and show their partner what they want from him. Whether in sex, in everyday life or emotionally – self-confident women make it easy for others to adapt to them. And in return, they also respond to the wishes of the partner.

13. They take care of themselves.

Self-confident women do not expect them to protect someone and put them in cotton wool. Because they can take care of themselves. Although they look for security in a relationship and a shoulder to lean on – yes, partnerships are there – but they know that even the partner can sometimes falter. And that’s why they rely most on themselves.

14. You leave your partner free space.

Self-confident women do not cling and do not hinder their partner. Maybe they are jealous, but then as a sign of love . Basically they trust their partner and would never control him or impose themselves on him.

15. They love themselves.

Self-confident women love their partner wholeheartedly – because they love themselves. They have learned that self-love learning is a prerequisite for a partnership. And that’s why they are so tolerant, patient and warmhearted in relationships.

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