12 crazy signs that he’s in love with you madly

Posted: January 2, 2019 by XPOFeed

It’s not always obvious if the new guy you meet with likes you or really LOVES you. If it’s a shy guy, you should pay close attention to his actions.

Here are 12 clear signs that he loves you:

1. He changes his behavior so as not to endanger your relationship.

When a guy falls in love with you, the most important thing for him is not to lose you. He may break off contact with other women (including friends and acquaintances) so as not to give the wrong impression. This is by no means a sign that he wants to isolate himself from other people, but that he falls in love with you.

It is very important to him how you perceive him. He will not make a fool of himself or confuse you so much that he does not answer. Rather, he is busy not “messing up” it.

2. He answers first.

Men fall in love during our absence. If he thinks of you, he will inevitably be tempted to contact you. Conversely, if he does not respond or you always feel that you have to write first, be careful.

3. He consecrates his friends.

Ever heard of a man who really raves about his new date? If he likes you, he’ll want his friends to meet you and let them know that he’s meeting someone. In fact, he may even annoy them. This is a good sign.

If he can not stop talking about you, that’s a big sign that he’s in love head over heels.


4. He wants you to meet his family.

For a family-oriented man, it’s very important in the long term how well you fit in with your family. If you see each other longer, he will want to introduce you to his family and vice versa. If he sees your relationship as easy, he will not even let you near his family.

5. He is ready to spend most of his free time with you.

But not only that; rather, it will come from him to be with you most of the time. You will not have to worry about how many times and why you want to see each other, but he will approach you by himself. He will also try to free up Fridays and Saturdays for you, for example, to go out with you in the evening.

6. He shows interest.

There is a problem? He tries to solve it. A guy who starts falling in love invests time and energy to make you happy.

7. He appreciates your opinion.

Men do not come with their problems to people who neither respect nor trust them. If he slowly starts to engage you and get your opinion, that’s a very good sign that he loves you.

8. This one look.

Men in love have a way of looking at you. Sometimes it’s hard to see for yourself, but when your friends get to know it, they’ll see it (or not). Guys keep longer even look at you, even if you just do not talk to them. It is this one look .

9. He only has eyes for you.

This sign is tricky because he wants to come across respectfully at the same time. Nevertheless, you will not feel that he is still meeting with other women. He will also try to tie your relationship because men want to take the women they really like off the market to forestall their rivals.

10. He speaks to the future.

A guy in a crush will not be afraid to talk to you about plans for the future in which you turn up. A concert next month? In any case. His sister’s wedding next summer? You are his companion. If you did not like it, you would not even start planning next week.

11. He spares no effort to do anything for you.

A guy who would make mountains for you is very much in love with you.

A true story: once a guy with whom I was only on three dates drove around for over two hours, just to get coconut water. He could not stay longer than 15 minutes because he had to work and still he drove to two different shops to buy the variety that I liked and was finally at my door.

12. The final sign that he loves you: He says the L-word.

Remember, however, that words are just words. Deeds are what really counts. Much of the men does not say the word “L” anyway anyway. Nevertheless, there are some who are quite relaxed and relaxed about it.

It may be that you meet a rather quiet guy who is too shy for cocky slogans and floral phrases but can not resist you. On the other hand, you might meet a Kara nova who will not stop telling you how great you are.

ATTENTION: These signs that he loves you can not be enforced! You can not go and think “he does not do this or that, so he does not love me”. Avoid it! Do not step into the emotion trap! If things are going well, enjoy it rather than giving you too much thought.

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