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If a man falls in love, he will do almost everything for you instead of telling you directly.

It sounds a bit illogical, but most men are not so open about their feelings.

It is not because they do not have them or because they play games, but because they are uncomfortable expressing them because they do not want to act too fast or because they are afraid of being hurt.

Whatever the reason for being so mysterious, one thing is certain – they will not be able to hide it for long.

Their behavior will scream that they are in love and that can not be controlled.

Without knowing it, they will show their love and love by giving more than words to the woman they are crazy about.

If a man falls head over heels in love with a woman, he will behave differently.

He will do certain things by default without worrying about it – his subconscious mind will guide him.

If you’re the one he’s in love with, you’ll know it that way.

1. He will go an extra mile to make you happy

He will sometimes do things that are not so interesting or just not his thing just to fulfill your wish.

Best of all, he will not complain.

He’s ready to get out of his comfort zone just so he can put a smile on your face.

2. He will report at least once

He can not imagine a whole day going by without at least hearing from you.

No matter what happens in his life, he will at least write to see what’s going on with you.

He will want to know everything about your day or tell you something interesting about his day.

He may not have the time or power to write too often, but he will do his best to let you know that he thinks of you and that he cares about you.

3. There will be no lame excuses

He may be busy, but he will always find time for you.

It will not be necessary to tell you any fictional stories why he did not do this or that.

He will try to be on time, so you do not have to wait. He will tell you the truth, even if that is not in his favor.

He will stand behind each of his words, and if he has made you a promise, he will do his best to keep it.

4. The time you spend together is all about quality

If he is with you, he will be 100% there.

He will not stare at his cell phone if you spend some precious hours together.

He will make plans to go out or do something new and exciting.

He may not do everything according to regulations, but he will make sure that you feel comfortable around him, and he will appreciate the time you spend together, regardless of what you do.


5. He wants you near him

When you are together, he will make sure that you are physically close.

He will hold your hand or lightly stroke your arm as you speak.

There will be a lot of cuddling every time the opportunity presents itself. His kisses will tell their own stories.

His hugs will just be good – not too tight, not too loose.

He will want to be intimate with you, both sexually and mentally.


6. He is not afraid to talk about the future

When he talks about the future, he implies you.

It could be something big, like To mention, for example, that you are contracting a wedding and children, or it could be something simpler, such as planning a trip or asking you to be dating someone else’s wedding.

By involving you in his future plans of any kind, he tells you, “I intend to stay with you. I hope you do too. “Without saying a word.

7. He will never make the same mistake again

If he did something that annoyed or hurt you, he will sincerely apologize and do his best not to repeat it again.

He respects you and would never think of intentionally hurting you in life.

By not repeating his mistakes, he actually tells you how much your happiness means to him, and he would never do anything to endanger it.

8. He will talk to you about everything and everyone

He will tell you things about himself that he probably would not tell anyone – things he considers embarrassing, things that bother him, and everyday things in his life.

He will also want to know everything about you. So do not be surprised if you talk to each other all night.

The conversation will just flow.

9. He is his true self near you

He will not think about every word that comes out of his mouth, so sometimes he might even say something that does not suit you so well.

But he has no intention of hurting you. He just gets so careless that his brain is not working properly anymore.

He’ll also be telling some personal, cheesy and not so cool things about yourself so you can really get to know him. He just feels good in your area.

10. He will want to protect you

If a man really cares about you, he enters this protection mode and wants to know that you are safe at all times.

He will come to your aid and help you with the little things.

He’ll be on your side when you’re in a fight, and he will not let anyone put you down.

He will be attentive and concerned about you, so at least he will say something like “Write me when you get home,” or “Do you feel better?”

11. He would not even dream of changing you

He accepts you as you are. He likes you with all your mistakes and subtleties.

The only exception is when he feels that something in your behavior is causing problems in your relationship.

Then he will feel that he has to say something and ask you to find a compromise.

He expects you to do the same thing when it comes to him.

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