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1. Your goal is not to please everyone

There are important people in your life and those who are less important, and you are definitely not there to please everyone.

You stay with your friends who know everything about you, and they never judge you for anything, but others have to prove themselves if they want to be your friend.

And you do not because you’re a cold-blooded bitch, but because you treat people the way they treat you.

You have some rules that you hold to, and no one can make you change your mind if you do not want to.

2. You live according to your own rules

You know it’s a rough world out there and that’s why you decided to make some rules when it comes to people.

You do not attach so easily to people and if someone wants to hang out with you, he must be a really good and honest person.

You do not like anything and you do not tolerate people who take advantage of you. You’ve been hurt many times and it has all made you smarter.

You have felt all the bad emotions on your own skin and now you want to enjoy life and surround yourself with precious people.

3. You can not stand to chat

Questions like, “How was your day?” Or “What will you cook today?” Are things that can make you completely lose control.

If there is one thing in the world that you hate, that’s small talk.

You feel that people are talking to you just because they have to and not because they want it. And you’d better keep your mouth shut than talk, if you do not feel like it.

You’d rather talk about profound things because they make you feel good. During the small talk you do not exchange anything important, but when you talk about some serious topics, you can actually learn new things.

4. You look arrogant, but you are not at all

You’re a strong person who knows how much he brings to the table, and you’re not going to put a damn about that.

That’s why people sometimes treat you as arrogant, but the truth is very different. You just know your value and stick to your own rules and morality.

You do not do anything that you would regret later, and you apologize if you make a mistake. It just shows how strong your personality is and, above all, what kind of independent woman you are.


5. You are brave

The truth is that you have a huge, warm heart and you are brave to the bone. There’s nothing you’re afraid of, because you know that the sooner you set your fears, the better it will be for you.

You are not afraid to leave your comfort zone and you are not afraid of new things.

You master the problems of life as if they were some kind of messages, and you treat them with a cool head.


6. You do not tolerate excuses

You just do not want to put up with excuses, because if you do, others will see you as weak people. That’s why you always do your best, but you expect the same from others.

You respect people who respect you and always try to have a good relationship with them.

If somebody tries to make a fool of you, you are going to pry it and you will not feel bad about it. Basically, you will feel that you have done the best for yourself.

7. You always get what you want

It is no problem for you to say “no” to others. Basically, you do that when you see that someone does not respect you.

You are a person who likes the balance more than anything else, so if you treat others well, you will treat them well too.

You will never say “yes” to anyone if that means saying “no” to yourself. That’s how you work, and the relationships you have with others are fine.

8. You have a tough attitude

When you enter a room, everyone gets quiet because of your hard-hitting setting.

Before you say anything, people do not know if you’re going to pull out a gun or smile at them. You look very serious, but it’s because you do not like to smile for no reason.

But when you laugh it’s always real and you do it wholeheartedly. Maybe you are a cold person from the outside, but you are a true angel inside.

9. You work hard to achieve your goals

You are known as a workaholic and you do not mind giving extra effort to achieve your goals.

Your whole life is a kind of fight for you, but in the end, you make the conditions great for you to enjoy.But once you get to where you want to be, you will not let anyone convince you that you are not worthy or good enough.

10. You make good people happy

You always do everything to make good people happy. And the bad guys will not try to get close to you because they’re so intimidated by you.

They know that you will not let them hurt you, because you know how to defend yourself. You are especially interested in people in need as well as children and old people.

If there is something you can do to protect and improve your life, you will. You really have a heart of gold.


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